Vocational Guidance, the helping of persons to plan their lifework. Vocational guidance is also called career counseling. It is available in the United States not only to young people but to adults as well. The counselors, teachers, and administrators who give guidance try to help persons answer such questions as: What kind of work should I take up? What training shall I need and where can I get it? What are the opportunities in the work I would like? Should I change my job?

Counselors assist individuals in making decisions about their future plans and career directions. They administer and interpret various kinds of tests to help individuals evaluate their interests, aptitudes, and abilities. They also instruct individuals in jobhunting strategies and skills and assist them in preparing rsums. Counseling help is also given to an individual to deal with emotional difficulties caused by the loss of a job or from job-related stress.

A person may also obtain guidance through books that list and describe careers. Vocational guidance books, however, usually do not contain the most up-to-date information on pay and opportunities—two important aspects of a career that may change from year to year.