Bank Robberies
Bank hold up.

Bank robbers have a long history of using documents with their personal information as slips for stick-up notes.

Lambert/Getty Images

As the old saying goes, "crime doesn't pay." Or, at least it didn't for the robbers whose stories follow. Here are three more bungled crimes.

Bank robbers of questionable intelligence have been known to use their own deposit slips as a note in the robbery. This tradition continued in September 2007, when Forest Kelly Bissonnette, a 27-year-old Englewood, Colo., resident, passed a note to a bank teller on the back of one of his own checks. Unlike some previous robbers, Bissonnette was clever enough to make an attempt to black out his name. He failed, however, as FBI agents were able to glean the information from the check. The man was successful in making off with around $5,000. He eventually surrendered to police [source: AP].