Writing on the Wall
10 Terribly Bungled Crimes

One crook decided that writing about his crime was the way to go.

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In Poland in September 2007, author Krystian Bala found himself convicted for murder. Bala had written about the sensational kidnapping, torture and murder of fellow Pole, Dairusz Janiszewski. The story had captured headlines in the country and had baffled police for years. Bala's novel, "Amok," featured a plotline that bore a very strong resemblance to the murder of Janiszewski. After the book caught police's attention, they investigated Bala and discovered not only had he known the deceased, he had visited the victim the last time he was seen alive and had sold Janiszewski's cell phone later on. Bala received 25 years [source: BBC].For more information on crime and other related topics, visit the next page.