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What Makes One Pencil Superior to Another?

Not all pencils are created equal. There's a reason why teachers and school supply lists might specify a specific pencil brand.

High Schools Are Allowing Sleep-deprived Students to Take Midday Naps

For tired teen students, a snooze during the school day can offer a much-needed pick-me-up.

When College-bound Kids Have Their Acceptances Revoked

Ever year, millions of high school seniors lose interest in school after they get into college. And every year, some of those students see those acceptances vanish.

U.S. Public Schools Are Suspending Millions of Students, With Little Reward

A whopping 2.8 million students were suspended in the '13-'14 school year, which is likely more detrimental than beneficial to society.

How Do Kindergartners Decide Who Is 'Smart'?

And, for that matter, how do kindergarten teachers decide which students are smart?

Want to Get Students Psyched About STEM? Ask Them to Launch a Satellite

That's what South Africa did.

Students Are Inspired by Science, Thanks to Class Zebra Fish

A five-year study of the BioEYES program found that students get excited about science when they get to work hands-on with growing zebra fish.

Ph.D. Students Hold Interpretive Dance-off — and It's Great

The Dance Your Ph.D. contest asks students to create a dance explaining their research. This year's winner had some major boogeying and a cow heart valve doing the worm.

A Few Encouraging Words Can Change the Lives of Female STEM Students

Talk about minimal input for maximum result. A new study suggests that encouragement from a female role model could keep some girls from dropping out of STEM classes.

Who Says All Learning Should Happen in Schools?

Researchers are figuring out cool ways to spur conversation between kids and caregivers. And all that talk can really help kids' language development.