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Heads of the Family
5 Gay Parenting Myths

Homosexuality has become increasingly accepted, yet social resistance to gay parenting still simmers, often hinging on bygone stereotypes. What myths can scientific evidence dispel about same-sex parents?

How Gay Parenting Works

On-screen, gay parenting is becoming a routine sight, but outside Hollywood, same-sex couples raising kids still rankles some people's moral sensitivities. Do kids brought up by same-sex couples fare any worse than those with heterosexual parents?

5 Modern Parenting Tips From Freud

Neurologist-turned-shrink Sigmund Freud formulated theories of childhood development that others have spun into practical parenting advice. What would the groundbreaking psychoanalyst have to say about today's child rearing methods?

Are two parents better than one?

Research has shown correlations between single parenting and adolescents' lower socioeconomic status and lower educational attainment, among other things. But could conflict-riddled two-parent households also have negative effects on kids?

How Temper Tantrums Work

Kids' temper tantrums and their accompanying sobs, screams and whines can be stressful for parents -- and embarrassing when they occur in public. Do these outbursts point to poor parenting skills, or are they a natural part of growing up?

Ditching a Fit: Can you tame a temper tantrum?

Temper tantrums are a normal, healthy part of childhood development, and understanding what brings them on can make them easier to tame. But don't wait until the clouds roll in to test how well you can minimize a meltdown. Take this temper tantrum quiz to prepare for the inevitable outburst.

How Parenting Coaches Work

Like niche cousins of life coaches, parenting coaches serve as support hotlines for parents to strategize common challenges such as toilet training and attachment issues. But do these mentors really make a difference?

Have we gotten better at parenting?

An emphasis on "good parenting" in recent years spawned an entire industry of experts, self-help books and products aimed at helping parents bring up blue-ribbon babies. But does all that extra instruction have a positive impact on kids?

Helicopters, tigers and snowplows, oh my! The Parenting Style Quiz

The science of raising kids, which took off at the dawn of the 20th century, has given birth to myriad formulas for being grade-A moms and dads, and it's up to modern parents to pick which style most effectively fits their families and values. Find out how well you can navigate the maze of methods for being a blue ribbon parent.

5 Unconventional Parenting Methods

Peruse the parenting aisle in a book store, and you'll find myriad titles all espousing different methods for raising happy, healthy, well-adjusted kids. Which unconventional parenting methods have been snagging headlines lately?

Do new fathers have lower testosterone than single men?

Superficially, men's bodies remain largely unaffected by their children's births, but that doesn't mean that they're untouched by parenting on a deeper level. How can childrearing affect dads' testosterone levels? And does it make them less manly?

Are family traditions important?

Almost every family tradition has its roots in necessity. Over time, that necessity becomes nostalgia, and eventually, it becomes another way for families to relate and connect with one another. But how important are these traditions?

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