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When did the mafia first develop? Who was Al Capone? Get the inside scoop on organized crime in these videos. We promise you won’t fuhgeddaboudit.

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American Gangster : The Black Hand

An emerging Italian gang begins to take New York by storm. This dangerous group is known only by the name of The Black Hand. Learn more in this video from Investigation Discovery's "American Gangster."

An emerging Italian gang begins to take New York by storm. This dangerous group is known only by the name of The Black Hand. Learn more in this video from Investigation Discovery's "American Gangster."

American Gangster : The Black Hand

Capone begins to pursue the American Dream away from New York in the city of Chicago.  Learn about the gang legend Al Capone in this clip from "American Gangster."

American Gangster: Al Capone

While gangsters begin to move up the ranks of organized crime, America and the silver screen begins to take notice.  Learn about gangsters on the silver screen.

American Gangster: Gangs on the Silver Screen

The public begins to get its first glimpse into the Mafia and their leader, The Godfather.  Learn about the movie in this clip from "American Gangster."

American Gangster: Introduction to the Godfather

In this clip from "American Gangster," Politics begins to meet with the world of organized crime as The Godfather meets with the other head honchos of the crime world in a place known as Tammany Hall.

American Gangster: Tamminy Men

As a sign of changing times in America, one man decides to change the direction of the mob. In order to achieve his goal he must first take out someone close to him.  Learn about these changes in the mob in this clip from "American Gangster."

American Gangster: the 1930s

While organized crime leaders join together to form a committee, several miles away the law is working hard to bring down famed crime lord Al Capone.  Learn about the arrest of Al Capone in this clip from "American Gangster."

American Gangster: The Arrest of Al Capone

Al Capone ruled Chicago in the 1920s. He was different from other gangsters because he used politeness and violence to reach his goals. Learn more about Al Capone and prohibition on Discovery Channel's "Assignment Discovery."

Assignment Discovery: Al Capone

During the surge of immigration into New York in the early 1900s, a renegade group of Italians created the "Black Hand" mob. Learn more about the characteristics and violence of this dangerous mafia with Discovery Channel's series, "Assignment Discovery.

Assignment Discovery: Black Hand Mob

In the early 1900s, Jews and Italians were arriving in America to avoid poverty and persecution. Many joined or fought with American street boys,  and from this gangs developed. Learn more about gangs on Discovery Channel's "Assignment Discovery."

Assignment Discovery: Early American Gangs

The gangster myth was created by the movies and earned the fascination of the American public. Learn more about the persona of the mob in this clip from Discovery Channel's "Assignment Discovery."

Assignment Discovery: Gangster Myth

Italian immigrants came to New York and were victimized by street gangs. The Mafia offered protection to these immigrants and thus became local heroes. Learn more about the Mafia on Discovery Channel's "Assignment Discovery."

Assignment Discovery: Italian Mafia

Al Capone started as a bodyguard at a Chicago night club. By the time he was 24 he was one of the biggest names in organized crime. Learn more about Al Capone on Discovery Channel's "Assignment Discovery."

Assignment Discovery: Rise of Al Capone

On Discovery Channel's "Assignment Discovery," learn about Giuseppe Morello, the founder of the Black Hand gang, and how he and his gang were taken down.

Assignment Discovery: The Black Hand

The most prominent Italian gang was the Black Hand, who eventually became known as the mafia. Some of the celebrity gangsters, such as Ben Siegel, Lucky Luciano and Myer Lansky, were created here. Learn more on Discovery Channel's "Assignment Discovery."

Assignment Discovery: The Black Hand Mafia

Nathan Leopold, Jr. and Richard Loeb - more commonly known as "Leopold and Loeb" - were two wealthy University of Chicago students who dreamed of committing the perfect crime: murder.

Behind Mansion Walls: An Experiment With Murder

Two days after Easter 1992, the Ewell family is found murdered after what appears to be a burglary gone wrong. But detectives suspect that the murders instead were carefully planned, and that the motive was a simple one: money.

Behind Mansion Walls: The Perfect Crime

After hitting hot streaks with wife Barbara in tow leads Joe Fama to open up a gambling parlor.  He soon finds that he has gone from being the typical dice-roller to becoming a made man.

I Married A Mobster: Becoming a Made Man

The myth that the mafia takes care of their family, turns out to be far from true for Cheryl Caruso. When Philly goes to prison, her perfect world crumbles and she must now take several jobs in order to take care her daughters and to survive.

I Married A Mobster: Cheryl Caruso's New Reality

After years of waiting for the pin to drop on their lavish lifestyle, Barbara family discovers that "doomsday" has finally arrived.

I Married A Mobster: Doomsday Arrives

Cheryl's world seems perfect until Philly leaves to clear up a case of mistaken identity. After that day, their lives are changed forever.

I Married A Mobster: From Fairytale to Nightmare

After learning that his son has been threatened on the streets, an ailing Gregory Scarpa takes matters into his own hands, enforcer style.

I Married A Mobster: Getting Even

Faced with news reports that her husband is a criminal, Cheryl Caruso must now deal with the fact that her husband Philly, left her in the dark about his crimes.

I Married A Mobster: Left in the Dark

As the Fama family continues to grow in popularity and the money rolls in, Barbara Fama soon finds herself being sucked into the life of a kept woman.

I Married A Mobster: Losing Your Conscience

As the power struggle begins between the mob families, Gregory Scarpa, "Grim Reaper",  finds himself struggling to keep his family safe.

I Married A Mobster: Staying Alive

Linda Schiro is shocked when her boyfriend, Gregory Scarpa, one of the most feared enforcers in the Colombo crime family shares a secret that could get them both killed.

I Married A Mobster: The FBI's Rat

The infamous Colombo Crime family is torn apart when John Franzese rats on his own father, Sonny Franzese, sending him to jail for 8 years. He even betrays his own wife and son for one reason only, money.

I Married A Mobster: The Rat Trap

Denyce Franzese finds her world upside down when she gets involved and marries the son of the notorious mobster, Sonny Franzese

I Married A Mobster: Til Death Do Us Part

The internet is awash with reports of government agencies stockpiling weapons and medical supplies in the face of looming domestic unrest, but is there any truth behind the rumors? Why do some people believe the U.S. is preparing for civil war?

Is the U.S. preparing for a civil war?

Efficient and ready for anything, Salvatore "Big Sal" Miciotta is the Colombo's "go to" guy for issuing sudden departures.

Nothing Personal: "Big Sal" Miciotta

After being arrested Dalia Dippolito uses her one phone call from jail to call the one person she had tried to poison, steal money from and have killed by a hitman, her husband.

Nothing Personal: Femme Fatale's Phone Call from Jail

Dalia Dippolito, a former escort hatches a deadly scheme to scam and kill her own husband, Michael. She hires a hitman to help her get rid of him. Little does she know her evil plot is caught on camera. When she's arrested, she still denies everything.

Nothing Personal: Hit Caught On Camera

Colombo Family hitman, "Big Sal" Miciotta, speaks about the events that occurred the night he was inducted in the Mafia.

Nothing Personal: Joining the Mafia

He was a likable party guy and close to being a "Made Man" with the Colombo crime family. It's time for "Big Sal" to learn exactly why Larry "Champagne" Coroza is on his hit list. With so many stories being told, what's true?

Nothing Personal: Killing "Champagne"

Larry "Champagne" Coroza is not a subtle guy, he believes in living life in the fast lane.  With his desire for beautiful women and a good time, it's not wonder that Larry's time on Earth will be limited.

Nothing Personal: The Downfall of Larry Coroza

Hitman "Big Sal" Miciotta goes to bed secure in the idea that he had killed two of his fellow mobsters. When he watches the coverage on the news the next morning, he realizes that might not be the case.

Nothing Personal: They're Going to Kill Me!

Today, on Planet 100, the Italian mafia sees the green in clean energy, the government wages battle against western wolves, and more men than ever are suffering from menopause.

Planet 100: Italian Mafia Cleans Up with Wind Energy

Following the sinking of The Normandie naval ship, America is shocked when reputed New York mobster, Charlie "Lucky" Luciano, takes credit. The event sparks the beginning of one of the strangest relationships during World War II.

Secret War: Public Enemy Number 1

In May 1942 a strange group of mobsters, lawyers, and intelligence officers visit Lucky Luciano in prison.  What occurred during this meeting prompts the Mob to pull together and help the war effort.

Secret War: The Mafia Joins the War

For decades Fidel Castro ruled Cuba -- and the CIA continuously tried to assassinate him. Some of their plans seemed orthodox, but others were outrageous (and even involved organized crime). Tune in to learn more about CIA attempts to kill Castro.

The CIA (and the Mafia) Vs. Castro

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