"Look into my eyes. You are getting sleepy. Very sleepy."
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10 Ways to be Abducted by an Alien: Alien Implant
On The Science Channel's "Ten Ways to be Abducted by an Alien," a man recalls his alien abduction experience and explains how aliens implanted a chip in his brain.
10 Ways to See into the Future: Nostradamus
Can smoking a little nutmeg really help you predict the future? It seemed to work for 16th century prognosticator, Nostradamus. Meet a woman who claims to be the last person to speak to him on The Science Channel's "10 Ways to See into the Future."
Conspiracy Test: Alien Appearance
People who claim to have been abducted by aliens keep insisting that aliens are around us and describe several different versions of what they saw. Learn more about their appearances in this clip from "Conspiracy Test" on Discovery Channel.
Conspiracy Test: Alien Sleep Disorders
How does science explain stories of alien abductions by otherwise rational people? On Discovery Channel's "Conspiracy Test," doctors claim this could be due to a sleep disorder called sleep paralysis.
Conspiracy Test: Aliens and False Memories
Consistent alien stories from around the world in different decades seem to suggest memories are distorted based on what a person expects to see not what they actually saw. Learn more on Discovery Channel's "Conspiracy Test."
Conspiracy Test: Occam's Razor
In the dispute over alien abductions, experts say it is best to apply the principle of Occam's razor, which says the most simple solution is most likely the answer. Experts share their reasoning on the topic on Discovery Channel's "Conspiracy Test."
Conspiracy Test: Recalling Abductions with Hypnosis
When a person has been abducted by aliens, some of the memories are suppressed. In these cases, hypnosis can be used to recall the missing pieces. Learn more about their experiences on Discovery Channel's "Conspiracy Test."
Hypnotic Suggestion
Watch this video about hypnotic suggestion on HowStuffWorks. Researchers have found that hypnotic suggestion can make someone's native language appear foreign. See how hypnotic suggestion works in this video from ScienCentral.
One Step Beyond: Hypnosurgery
On Discovery Channel's "One Step Beyond," meet a doctor who uses hypnosis instead of sedation and painkillers during operations. Her methods are revolutionizing views on pain and anesthesia.
Who killed Robert Kennedy?
Originally found guilty of Robert Kennedy's murder, Sirhan Sirhan has spent years in prison, but some people believe he was a scapegoat. Listen in to learn why some of RFK's friends believe there's more to the story behind his assassination.