From Bikinis to Gatorade: A Pop Culture Playlist
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Erno Rubik: Rubik's Cube
As a professor in Budapest, Erno Rubik had a pretty swell day job -- but his hobby was even more fascinating. Tune in and learn how Erno Rubik's hobby became the brain-teasing Stuff of Genius that baffles millions in this episode.
Levi Strauss: Blue Jeans
Today, blue jeans are one of the world's most iconic forms of clothing. But who came up with the idea? (Hint: It wasn't just Levi Strauss.) Tune in to learn more about blue jeans in this special episode featuring two inventors.
Louis Reard: Bikini
Louie Reard wasn't the typical automobile engineer, and his Stuff of Genius has nothing to do with cars. Tune in and learn how an otherwise mild-mannered inventor created one of history's most iconic -- and controversial -- pieces of swimwear.
Philo Farnsworth: Television
When Philo Farnsworth was just 14 years old, he had an epiphany that changed his life -- and ours. Tune in and learn how this former sharecropper created the modern television in The Stuff of Genius, a video podcast from
Ralph Baer: Video Games
Ralph Baer was working for a U.S. defense company when he invented the world's first video game system. Luckily, this Stuff of Genius was too fun to remain locked away from the public. Learn more about video games in this episode.
Robert Cades: Gatorade
When a local football coach asked Robert Cade to help hydrate his players, he set off on a journey to find the perfect sports drink. Tune in and learn more about Cade's Stuff of Genius in this episode.