Image Courtesy of Tom Clement


The Senate race in South Carolina this year has befuddled just about anyone paying attention: a 33 year-old man whose name and political record are familiar to no one, even in his hometown, a veteran with no campaign funds and who lives with his father in Manning, SC, came out of nowhere to win the Democratic primary earlier this summer.

Now, another surprise candidate has added himself to the fold, though this time with much less media coverage: Tom Clements, a veteran Greenpeace activist, has entered the race.

South Carolina newspaper The State reports that his goal isn't to oppose Greene so much as the Republican incumbent, Senator Jim DeMint. The paper quotes Clements: “I ‘m aimed at DeMint and trying to get him back to South Carolina to talk to the people of the state. ”

Clements, who worked for Greenpeace International for 13 years, also led nuclear watchdog efforts on operations at the Savannah River Site.

The focus of the media hasn't been about the issues, the story continues, and Clements "thinks a conversation about federal spending, offshore drilling, alternative energy and whether the United States should end the costly wars in Afghanistan and Iraq will let voters know they have an alternative to DeMint."

Another Green Party candidate not getting much attention in a hotly contested Senate race: Bob Kinsey in Colorado.