Direct action is a misunderstood concept. It is political action which, as defined by Wikipedia, "happens outside normal political channels via indirect actions such as electing representatives. Direct action is often associated with movements or groups who have little influence over normal political processes. Direct action can include nonviolent and violent activities, with a blurred intermediate area of attacks on properties. Nonviolent activities include strikes, workplace occupations, sit-ins, demonstrations, sabotage, vandalism and graffiti. More violent actions include riots and revolutionary/guerrilla warfare. Direct actions are often (but not always) a form of civil disobedience and thus often violate criminal law."

In other words, direct action.

Voltairine de Cleyre (1866-1912), an American anarchist/feminist writer and theorist, puts it more lyrically: "Every person who ever had a plan to do anything, and went and did it, or who laid his plan before others, and won their co-operation to do it with him, without going to external authorities to please do the thing for them, was a direct actionist. All co-operative experiments are essentially direct action. Every person who ever in his life had a difference with anyone to settle, and went straight to the other persons involved to settle it, either by a peaceable plan or otherwise, was a direct actionist."