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Funny Questions Kids Ask

Does a wet summer mean a brilliant fall?

One of the best things about autumn is watching the leaves change color – fiery hues lining the landscape, ushering in cooler weather. Some say a rainy summer leads to an extra-vivid leaf show. Is that true? See more »

How Android Wear Works

Are you ready to slide a smart watch onto your wrist this summer? Google and its Android Wear software are banking on it. But has the time come and gone for wearables? See more »

How a Flea Circus Works

Tiny but mighty, fleas are capable of some pretty amazing feats. How is insectoid strength harnessed for human entertainment? See more »

What was the first outlaw motorcycle club?

Few but notorious, bikers with criminal tendencies started getting together formally in the 1930s. And though they might have been hellish, they weren't in the group you might be thinking of. See more »

How Tech Incubators Work

The idea of an incubator sounds like something forged in the dot-com boom of the late 1990s, but the business incubator concept dates back to 1959. Could a tech incubator be better than starting your business alone? See more »

Is it possible to get taller as an adult?

Tired of standing on tiptoes when you pose for a photo with friends? If you're an adult looking to add a few inches to your frame, you might be out of luck. See more »