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Sex Change Hospital: Acceptance Struggle
One patient struggles to gain acceptance from his family and friends. See the difficulties of dealing with a new lifestyle.
Sex Change Hospital: Creating Lisa
Lisa wants to go through some big changes. See how she deals with the choice of a life changing surgery.
Sex Change Hospital: Decision Making
Major decisions must be made from this patient all by himself. He wants to become a real woman but has no family to help out.
Sex Change Hospital: Gay Lesbian Marathon
Stephanie makes her running debut in a gay and lesbian marathon following her surgery.
Sex Change Hospital: Post Surgery
This patient comes out of surgery. See her initial reactions and how her partner feels about her new body.
Sex Change Hospital: Preparing for Surgery
A patient gets a talk from his two sons before this major surgery. See how his sons feel about having two moms.
Sex Change Hospital: Second Time Around
After feeling dissatisfied with his previous surgery, a patient sees the surgeon for a second attempt.
Sex Change Hospital: Sex Change Surgery
Ever wonder how surgeons make it through hours of work? See what happens behind the scenes of reconstructive surgery.