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Fads define a society's popular styles and trends throughout the decades. Whether it be crazy hairstyles, popular games or geek chic - you'll find it here.

11 Items Sold by Ron Popeil

Ron Popeil has made a name for himself by selling unique and quirky items on TV such as the Veg-O-Matic. Popeil is an inventor who has made millions of dollars selling his products through infomercials. See our list of 11 items sold by Ron Popeil.

Hobbyhorse Riding: The Sport Galloping to Popularity in Finland

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How Silly Bandz Work

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How Dubstep Works

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How Ugg Boots Work

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10 Fabulous Fads from the 1950s

Even if you weren't around in the 1950s, you're probably familiar with these 10 short-lived but long-loved pieces of golden decade pop culture. See more »

How Dieselpunk Works

The dieselpunk subgenre of speculative fiction looks at a world that could have been. Learn about the dieselpunk style and where dieselpunk gets its inspiration. See more »

What is a flash mob?

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How to Plan a Flash Mob

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How to Find Out About a Flash Mob

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5 Mind-blowing Flash Mobs

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