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Emergency Services

Emergency Services are critical when response is needed to life's dangerous situations. Find topics related to FEMA, firefighters, 9-1-1 and the Amber Alert.

10 Worst Reasons People Have Called 911

Looking to meet a nice guy? Need some cigarettes? Who you gonna call? 911? Here are 10 of the worst reasons people have called 911 from HowStuffWorks. See more »

Do fire poles really save time?

Do fire poles really save time? Keep reading to learn about fire stations and discover if fire poles really save time. See more »

Who should get tested for HIV?

Should you get tested for HIV? Learn about National HIV Testing Day on June 27, risk factors for HIV and who should get tested for HIV. See more »

How Rehab Works

Rehab is a center or program where a person can get treatment for an addiction. Learn about rehab and the types of treatment available in rehab. See more »

How 9-1-1 Works

911 gives people a single, easy-to-remember number to call in life-threatening situations. Learn how 911 has adapted to new cell phone and VoIP technology. See more »

How Firefighter Training Works

Firefighters are our everyday heroes. Find out how to become one and look into the training process. See more »

How FEMA Works

FEMA has been providing emergency relief for hurricanes, earthquakes, toxic contamination and more since 1979. Read more about how FEMA works. See more »

How AMBER Alert Works

A child being kidnapped is a parent's worst nightmare. Learn how the AMBER Alert system can help return children safely. See more »

Why was 911 chosen as the emergency phone number?

During an emergency, we are told to dial 9-1-1. How and why was that number selected as the emergency phone number for the entire United States? See more »

Many buildings in my area have a big red, yellow and blue diamond-shaped sign with numbers on it. Do you know what this sign means? See more »