National Traditions

The variety of national traditions across the planet is mind-boggling. Read about the unique traditions from around the world -- and in your own country.

How Brazilian Traditions Work

Brazil is one of the largest nations on earth, and its numerous traditions are a composite of its diverse population.

What Sets the Katana Apart From Other Swords?

There's more to the samurai blade than its cinematic drama, and the Stuff to Blow Your Mind podcast digs into the history and science behind the sword.

When France Fined Bakers for Vacationing Without Government Permission

Parisians love bread so much that the city used to legally prevent too many bakers from going on vacation at the same time.

Why Americans Are So Crazy About the Flag

The United States flag fetish can seem surprising, confusing or even just quaint to outsiders. Where does it come from?

Why Do British Lawyers Still Wear Wigs?

Known as a peruke, the formal wig has been a tradition for centuries. But why did barristers start wearing wigs? And why does it persist into modernity?

Japan Celebrates 20-Year-Olds With Massive Annual Party

Turning 20 means Japanese youth gain the responsibilities and rights of adulthood, including voting and drinking alcohol. How do they mark the occasion?

How Norwegian Traditions Work

Vikings, Norse gods, monarchs, Christian saints and even the land itself: Norwegian traditions have many sources. So do you know riskrem from russ?

How Moroccan Traditions Work

The idea of Morocco may invoke images from "Casablanca," but the 1942 movie isn't necessarily reflective of the area's history or traditions. What don't you know about this compact country in northwestern Africa?

How Mexican Traditions Work

Mexico has a long and storied history that spans nearly six centuries and combines many European and indigenous influences. We'll discuss many of this colorful country's most beloved and unique traditions.

How Italian Traditions Work

Italy is famous for many things: its food and wine, its art and architecture, its music and dance. However, most people don't know about the regional diversity that defines Italian tradition. Find out more here.

How German Traditions Work

Beside brats, beer and Oktoberfest, how much do you know about German culture and traditions? Learn more about this fascinating culture in this article.