Still, there's something to be said for a nice pocket knife. Every dad needs to cut stuff.

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Think Big

Imagine that you are one of my kids, and you come up to me and say, "I have two ideas for a Father's Day present: Idea #1 is a new pocket knife, and idea #2 is to send you and Mom on an all-expense-paid trip to Bermuda for a week." Which of these two options do you think I would choose? I would choose the trip. Here's why.

Do you know how much money I had to spend raising you??? I mean, let's just take one tiny part of your upbringing -- the cost of your disposable diapers. One box of disposable diapers costs $20. You wore diapers for about three years, and you burned through about a box a week. So, just to buy your disposable diapers I had to earn about 3,000 bucks. Don't even get me started on your food, your clothes or your college education. I deserve the trip.

In other words, when you are thinking about a Father's Day gift, think big!

If you subscribe to this school of thought -- the "bigger is better" philosophy -- and you've got the cash to back it up, then here are five gift ideas for you to consider:

A big, beautiful, magnificent 42" flat-panel plasma TV makes a fine Father's Day gift.

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Take those as a starting point and let your imagination wander. What would make your father really, really happy? Go for it -- think big!