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Here you'll find spooky projects and activities centered around the Halloween theme and learn how to host a great Halloween party

There Are 5 Types of Haunted House Visitors. Which One Are You?

Haunted houses have an arsenal of scare tactics they deploy depending on who darkens their doors.

What Are the Top Picks for Halloween Costumes This Year?

In 2016 the princess has been dethroned as the top choice for children dressing up on the sweet and spooky holiday. Which costumes top the list for people of all ages?

9 Halloween Attractions That Went Too Far

Can a Halloween attraction be sued for being too scary? It's already happened. When else did attractions get out of control — at least for some visitors?

Yes, Real Human Corpses Have Been Mistaken for Halloween Decor

Have Halloween decorations gotten so good that when people spot a real dead body, they think it's fake? That's been the case in these ghoulish instances.

Beyond Halloween: 8 Holidays Spirits Love

The American Halloween is just one of many celebrations around the globe with roots in ceremonies to honor the dead who've returned to visit their loved-ones. Want to join the Hungry Ghosts Festival or snack on a sugar skull?

Your Ultimate Halloween Party Playlist

What you need for your Halloween party is some spooky music that'll establish the need for a dance floor -- like M.J.'s "Thriller."

10 Fun for Fido Halloween Costumes

Why should humans have all the fun on Halloween? Here are 10 costumes for your dog that are sure to have the hounds howling.

10 Mommy-and-me Halloween Costumes

If anything can bring out the kid in an adult, it's Halloween. For fans of the holiday, the dressing-up experience is made even sweeter (and cuter) once a child enters the picture, thanks to coordinating mommy-and-me costumes.

10 Things Your Kid Should NOT Be for Halloween

In the rush to come up with a creative and inexpensive Halloween costume idea in a hurry, don't make the mistake of confusing unique for tasteless or timely for tacky. It can be hard to draw the line between a costume that's clever and one that's inappropriate.

Why do we trick-or-treat?

Why do children don ridiculous costumes and bang down doors demanding candy once a year? Let's take a look at the ancient Celtic clans of Britain.