Christmas Game: Find Christmas Carols

Look for the kids with missing front teeth in this Christmas game.

Find Kids Missing Their Two Front Teeth

Sometimes simple Christmas gifts are the best -- all these kids want is two front teeth. In this game, help spot the kids with a gap in their smile.

To play, enlarge the image below and view it on the monitor. Or, download this free Christmas printable game as a PDF to play while waiting for Santa -- or the Tooth Fairy.

All I want for

Chrithmath ith my

Two front teeth!

My friend the Tooth Fairy must be flat broke! The kids in this crazy classroom are losing their teeth left and right! How do you suppose they “thing” Christmas carols? See if you can spot these kids who are missing their front teeth. Can you find me, too?

Can you find these eight classroom disasters?
  • "Finger painting"
  • A bad science experiment
  • A frog down a collar
  • A bowl of soup on a head
  • A worm in an apple
  • A kid stuck to his chair
  • A bookworm
  • Ants in some pants

Silver bells ring in the holiday season, bringing thoughts of good cheer -- and presents! In the next game, find gifts among the Silver Bells.

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