Generation differences have existed since the first parents had their first children -- but what sets modern generations apart from each other? Are we really that different?

How the Millennial Generation Works

First there were the Baby Boomers, and then there was Generation X -- now there's the Millennial Generation. What sets the Millennials apart from other generations?

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  • Fact or Fiction: Generation Y

    Fact or Fiction: Generation Y

    They're entering the workforce in record numbers and will soon begin shaping the course of history. But how well do you know the members of Generation Y? Take this quiz to test your knowledge of Gen Y'ers in the workplace and in the world. See more »

  • Fact or Fiction: The Lost Generation

    Fact or Fiction: The Lost Generation

    They came of age during World War I, created the Jazz Age and made it through the Great Depression. But you don't need to know the Charleston to know the Lost Generation. Take this quiz to find out what the hype's about! (Dancing shoes are optional.) See more »

  • How Generation Gaps Work

    How Generation Gaps Work

    Generation gaps are usually harmless; it's fine if you don't really understand the perspective of someone significantly younger or older than you. However, it can really do some damage in the workplace. See more »

  • How Generation Me Works

    How Generation Me Works

    We have a tendency to group generations into tidy little groups based on age and shared cultural traits, but Generation Me is harder to define than most -- perhaps because it's hard to put people so determined to be individuals in boxes. See more »

  • How Generation X Works

    How Generation X Works

    If you were born sometime between the mid-60s and the beginning of the 80s, you're considered part of Generation X, a loose demographic that came after the postwar Baby Boomers and before the so-called Millennials. What makes Gen-Xers tick? See more »

  • How Generation Y Works

    How Generation Y Works

    Members of Generation Y are a mosaic of traits that often seem incompatible: They're egotistical and brash, yet eager to learn and contribute; they want to make lots of money, and they support nonprofit causes. Here, learn how Generation Y works. See more »

  • How Generation Z Works

    How Generation Z Works

    They're Generation Z, the newest kids on the demographic block. Technological wizards who have never known life without Internet access, they're the future leaders of our world. What else sets them apart from previous generations, and what challenges do they face? See more »

  • How the Baby Boom Generation Works

    How the Baby Boom Generation Works

    Baby boomers, boomers, Generation "Me" -- whatever you call them, they're members of the most famous and talked-about generation in history. What are the defining characteristics of this aging generation, and how will their retirement impact the rest of us? Find out in How the Baby Boom Generation Works. See more »

  • How the Greatest Generation Works

    How the Greatest Generation Works

    Tom Brokaw dubbed this generation "the greatest generation any society has produced," marked by values like "personal responsibility, duty, honor and faith." What else makes this group of Americans so remarkable? See more »

  • How the Lost Generation Works

    How the Lost Generation Works

    After World War I, an entire youthful generation became disillusioned with humanity's prospects and rebelled against their elders' values. During Prohibition, they became independent and self-sufficient. Here, learn how the Lost Generation works. See more »

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