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You can learn a lot about yourself by studying your genealogy. Tracing your family through history can help you appreciate where you come from. In this section we'll explore genealogy and the best ways of researching genealogy.

Are married couples genetically similar?

Do birds of a feather flock together? When it comes to marriage they often do. Check it out just how similar are spouses at HowStuffWorks. See more »

How long is the longest existing family tree?

The 'longest family tree' claim is obviously a very prestigious one. Which family does it go to? Learn about the longest family tree to find out. See more »

Where can you take a genealogy test?

A genealogy test might be a good place to start your search for your ancestors. Learn about the best place to take a genealogy test to get started. See more »

How can Facebook help with your genealogy search?

If you haven't used Facebook to assist with your genealogy search, you might want to get online and check it out. See how to use Facebook for genealogy. See more »

How can I find out if I have unknown relatives?

Wondering about your unknown relatives or need help wit your family tree? Find out how you can use technology to track down your unknown relatives. See more »

Can Ellis Island help track down your genealogy?

Many Americans have an ancestor or two who traveled to Ellis Island. Find out if Ellis Island records can help you with genealogy research. See more »

What is the biggest family tree ever assembled?

How big is the biggest family tree? Learn about the biggest family tree ever assembled to find out. See more »

Are millions of modern humans the direct descendants of Genghis Khan?

Are millions of people the direct descendants of Genghis Khan? Find out and explore the history and genealogy of Genghis Khan. See more »

How can the NUCMC help with your genealogy search?

NUCMC allows genealogists to find documents that might not be available anywhere else. Learn about NUCMC and genealogy research. See more »

How can I spot genealogy scams?

If it's on the Internet, there's probably a scam for it -- and genealogy is no different. Visit to learn about family research cons. See more »