You can learn a lot about yourself by studying your genealogy. Tracing your family through history can help you appreciate where you come from. In this section we'll explore genealogy and the best ways of researching genealogy.

For White Nationalists, Genetic Ancestry Tests Challenge Concepts of Identity and Purity

A new study examines how white nationalists try to rationalize results of DNA-based ancestry tests when their genetic background holds surprises.

Ancient Mummy DNA Reveals Surprises About Egyptian Ancestry

Scientists have finally sequenced the genome of ancient Egyptians using mummy DNA, and unexpected data show significant differences from modern Egyptians.

Can Genealogy Sites Use Your DNA However They Want?

Critics worry that when you send your DNA to for personal analysis it can be used for nefarious purposes.

Are married couples genetically similar?

Do birds of a feather flock together? When it comes to marriage they often do, but just how similar are spouses to each other?

How long is the longest existing family tree?

If you can trace your ancestry back more than three generations, you're doing better than many of us. But when you've dived into the murky archives before the 1900s, you will definitely find yourself wondering just how far back you'll be able to go.

Where can you take a genealogy test?

Wanting to know where you come from is a pretty basic human desire. And when your obstacle is a lack of information, a genealogy test might be a good place to start your search for your ancestors. But where's the best place to do it?

How can Facebook help with your genealogy search?

Genealogists once spent summers poring over card catalogs in small-town libraries. The Internet has made that trek largely obsolete. But there's one tool you might be overlooking to help complete your tree: Facebook.

How can I find out if I have unknown relatives?

Any amateur genealogist knows the feeling of obsession that hits when you reach a dead end in the family tree. How can a person just disappear? But they do, and they can be tough to track down — unless you harness the power of technology.

Can Ellis Island help track down your genealogy?

The immigrant narrative is a powerful story. Many Americans have an ancestor or two who traveled to Ellis Island with an unpronounceable last name and a dream of a better life. But how can you find them?

What is the biggest family tree ever assembled?

How many people are in your family tree? Generally, the only barrier to constructing one on paper that would take up your entire floor is knowledge. Now, if you could just get all the information without talking to your great aunt ...