Traditions for Teaching Kids to Cook
Family cooking together

Cooking with your kids can have all kinds of benefits -- for you and them.


Do you cook healthy dinners every night, only to have your kids beg for chicken fingers, macaroni and cheese, or hotdogs? Or do you find yourself stuck in a dinnertime rut, making spaghetti three times a week because it's the only thing everyone will eat? With a little planning and creativity, you can make your mealtimes healthier (and lots more fun!) by teaching your kids to cook.

The benefits of cooking with your kids go beyond adding variety to your weekly menu. Children who help to prepare their own meals are more likely to eat (or at least try) the food they've made, making it easier for you to add some healthful foods to their diet. And families who cook together not only get to enjoy the time spent preparing food with one another, but also are more likely to sit down at the table and eat together. Cooking also helps young children practice math skills when they're measuring and estimating portions, and it builds creativity and self reliance in kids of all ages.

We've put together a list of our five favorite traditions for teaching kids to cook. Read on, and you might just be inspired to begin some new cooking traditions of your own!