Traditions for Athletic Families

Want to establish an athletic tradition for your family? Running together is a good start.


Traditions are about celebrating the past, and that can in turn build stronger relationships and pave the way for a better future. If those traditions are athletic in nature, all the better. A fit family can maintain the motivation that initially led the members to good health, and they can have fun doing it. Traditions, after all, are meant to be enjoyed -- not simply endured. And while endurance is a component of fitness, it's a meaningful kind of perseverance that ultimately leaves a smile on the participants' faces.

If your family is lacking fitness, it makes even more sense to install some athletic traditions. We're not talking about washing sweat socks together, treating each other's blisters or collectively moaning after a visit to the gym. These time-tested activities might just enliven your reluctant troops and give you a new perspective on what it means to work out.

Instead of viewing physical activity as a calorie-burning chore, you may soon see it as a chance to take part in an exciting sport or two, rather than just watching some jocks on television while you crack open a beer and a bag of chips.

So lace up your shoes, dust off your bike and prepare to get your blood pumping. The first tradition is a scheduled race.