Geeky Family Traditions
family reunion

Next time you're gathered around at your family reunion add some new geeky traditions to the mix.

Jack Hollingsworth/Photodisc/Thinkstock

Once upon a time, geeky families were shunned by their neighbors for being weird, socially inept or unfashionable. Today, geek is chic, and geeky families are accepted for being creative, intelligent and original. We no longer laugh at their traditions -- the nerdy customs and beliefs that they pass from one generation to the next -- but embrace them as cool and quirky activities we'd like to introduce to our families.

So, what kinds of family traditions qualify as geeky? You might be looking for slide rules, propeller caps or pocket protectors, but those are the trademarks of old-school geek. The geeky traditions of modern families put a fresh spin on an old concept or invent something totally new. Either way, their traditions are smart, fun and inventive. We've gathered five on the next few pages, beginning with a little wabbit twouble for good luck.