Family Traditions to Help Your Kids in School
family looks at road map

Family vacations are a great tradition to start, especially if they're both fun and educational.


Family traditions -- whether they've been in place for generations or months -- establish consistency in kids' lives. Thinking back, you may wax nostalgic about those yearly camping trips with a parent or special meals made with close relatives.

These events not only carry personal significance, they can also enhance children's learning and progress in school. Regardless of whether you're maintaining family traditions or are trying to create new ones, the key to making them stick is partaking in them alongside your child.

Before we dive into customs that can help children in school, keep in mind that every family is different, so traditions will vary as well. There's nothing wrong with injecting your own personality into these tips or devising new practices along the way.

First up: the importance of meshing new habits with routine.