Family Traditions for a Cleaner Home
father and son holding laundry basket of clothes

The sooner you get kids involved in housework, the sooner you'll instill in them a sense of responsibility and pride in a job well done.


Maintaining a neat and orderly home can seem overwhelming, especially when Mom and Dad are forced to handle all the cleaning on their own. A messy, cluttered home not only zaps your energy, but can also make it impossible to find the things you need each day. Rather than resigning yourself to rings around the toilet or piles of stuff covering every available surface, implement new traditions and rituals to transform cleaning into a family affair.

Family involvement in housework takes the burden off the parents and redistributes it to the entire household. Things like daily or weekly cleanups not only install a sense of respect for the each other and the home, but also teach children vital life skills that can help them on their path toward independence. Setting up routine cleaning times also helps to make neatness a habit, which can reduce reluctance from the kids.

As you incorporate these new cleaning traditions into your household, remember that homes with kids rarely look perfect. If you're determined to keep things spic and span all the time, getting your kids engaged in the cleanup process will be extra difficult. Instead, focus on keeping the house presentable and acknowledging one another's efforts as you spend time together as a family.

Read on to learn about our favorite family cleaning traditions.