Family Traditions

Every family is like a miniature society in itself. No family does it quite the same. What kind of family traditions do you celebrate? Read about all kinds family traditions in these articles.

5 Summertime Family Traditions

You spend the winter months daydreaming about summer, but what will you do once the warm weather arrives? Options abound for traditional summertime family outings, but don't be afraid to think outside the box.

5 Family Traditions for New Babies

Every day with an infant is a celebration -- and spittle marathon. Can traditions create even brighter memories and afford parents much-needed breaks?

How to Build Family Traditions

Learn about the importance of family traditions in building relationships, tips for reinvigorating old traditions and starting new ones.

Do kids get the importance of family traditions?

Family traditions foster senses of stability and collective identity, but do kids get why they're important? Learn at what age children might start to understand.

How to Celebrate Your Family Heritage

Have you ever wondered about your family heritage? The best way to keep important traditions alive is to celebrate them.

How to Update Old Traditions for New Families

It can be difficult to introduce a beloved family tradition to newer generations. Is there any way to update them to contemporary times?

5 Family Traditions to Help Your Kids in School

Kids' lives need consistency and traditions are a great way to help establish that. Here, five family traditions to help your kids in school.

5 Family Traditions for a Cleaner Home

Tired of tripping over toys in the family room and walking on wet towels in the bathroom? Enlist the help of your entire household with these cleaning routines that the whole family can perform together.

5 Stress-reducing Family Traditions

Every family has stressful situations, but establishing the right traditions can help bring it down a notch. Here, five stress-reducing family traditions.

5 Traditions for Teaching Kids to Cook

Cooking with your kids can have all kinds of benefits -- for you and them. Plus you can start some fun family traditions by teaching them to cook.