Traditional anniversary gifts might not seem very hip, but you'll be surprised with the creative presents you can give using the materials on this dated list.

Traditional anniversary presents might not seem very hip, but you can give a surprising number of creative gifts using the materials on this dated list.


Did you forget to eat the top tier of your wedding cake on your first anniversary? Don't worry; you can still inject nuptial-related rituals back into your annual celebration by consulting the traditional anniversary gift list, which assigns gifts of a particular material to each year of wedded bliss.

Admittedly, some of the presents might seem a little strange at first, as it's doubtful most men will shriek with delight should they receive a gift of lace or china. But despite a few head-scratching selections, the list features a range of helpful, thoughtful and diverse gift ideas that can serve as a jumping-off point for shopping ventures. In fact, many men and women struggling to locate the perfect anniversary present have been delighted by this handy guide, which takes out much of the gifting guesswork. Of course, if you find that your creativity is stifled by such specificity, rest assured that you can choose to interpret the suggested material as loosely as you like.

Regardless if you feel this gift list is dated and archaic or classic and hip, you'll enjoy learning how it came into favor in the first place. Keep reading to learn how old the traditional anniversary gift list is (hint: It's older than you, your grandma and probably your great, great grandmother).