The Newlywed Game
man and woman playing a game

If you're having a couples shower, it's especially fun for the guests to see how much the engaged duo know -- or don't know -- about each other.


The newlywed game tests how well couples know each other; it's ideal for couples showers and especially fun for several couples to participate.

Before the shower, the hostess compiles two sets of questions -- one for each round of the game -- to separately ask each partner. The object is to see if what one partner says matches what the other one says. Questions can run along the lines of:

  • What team did he root for in the last Super Bowl?
  • When is his (or her) birthday?
  • What one thing do you wear that she hates?
  • What's the best dish that she (or he) cooks?
  • Where would he like to go on your next vacation?
  • What movie (or song or book) makes her cry every time?

The hostess acts as game show host, asking the questions. Each couple that participates should write a brief introduction, including how long they've been together, for the hostess to read aloud. As they're introduced, couples come to the front of the room and take their "player" seats, facing the "audience." After introductions, one half of each couple leaves the room. The hostess asks the first set of questions, and the players in the room write down their answers. Then the absent partners come back. The hostess asks those partners the first question from the same set of questions, and they write down their answers. One at a time, the couples read their responses aloud. Couples get points if their answers match; they lose points if the answers are different. Continue until the first set of questions is finished.

For the next round, the partners who stayed in the room for the first round leave. The remaining partners answer a second set of questions. Play continues as above until both partners have answered all questions and all responses have been compared. The couple with the most points wins a prize they can share, like movie tickets or a bottle of wine.

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