Caring for the Bride

A special point is made for Jewish brides to know how much they're loved.


The Shabbat kallah is a celebration that's all about the bride. The Shabbat (Saturday) before her wedding, the bride's family, friends, loved ones and even members of the community throw her a party. No guys are allowed, though any girl who would like to attend can do so. In fact, at most Shabbat kallahs, it doesn't even matter if you know the bride or not; if you're female, you're not crashing the party [source: Gruen].

But the Shabbat kallah isn't just an excuse for Jewish girls to get down. It's a purposeful distraction for the bride just few days before the big day. Everyone is there to support her, ease her nerves and let her know that she is loved [source: Jewish Wedding Network]. It's a beautiful, emotional gathering that has helped countless Jewish brides get over their last minute jitters.