Many Firsts
Lipstick and High Heels

We’ve also mentioned how a girl will receive her first pair of high heels at the quinceañera. Similarly, she'll traditionally be allowed to wear makeup for the first time at this celebration. Today, however, girls are sometimes wearing makeup and heels before their quinceañera.

Because the quinceañera is a celebration of a girl growing into maturity, it is fitting that the celebration is full of traditions that mark several “firsts.” For instance, we’ve already touched on how the quinceañera marks the girl’s first public dance.

This tradition of the first public dance shares similarities with debutante balls in other cultures, which are dances that mark a girl’s “coming out” in society for the first time. Although the quinceañera celebration was traditionally meant for introducing girls as eligible to marry, 15 is now generally considered too young for that. However, some families allow a girl to date for the first time following the quinceañera.