The Sponsors
Birthday Bash

You’ve probably realized by now that the quinceañera celebration has quite a lot in common with a wedding celebration. In fact, because they rival weddings in extravagance, they also rival weddings in cost. It’s not uncommon for quinceañeras to cost upwards of $10,000 [source: Miranda].

As quinceañeras have grown in extravagance, the families who throw them have begun to rely on others to help them bear the brunt of the costs. They'll seek assistance from older family members or friends of the family. When people agree to help pay for a portion of the celebration, they are known as padrinos or madrinas, which literally means “godfathers” and “godmothers.”

One customary way of handling such sponsors is to ask them to cover a particular element of the festivities. For instance, an uncle may agree to pay for the DJ or band, while a neighbor agrees to take care of the cost of the cake.