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Cultural Traditions

Cultural traditions include events, rituals and customs that a society shares. Read about the wide variety of cultural traditions in these articles.

How Has Interracial Marriage Been Treated Around the World?

While anti-miscegenation laws weren't unique to the United States, they also weren't common. See more »

Kushti: The Traditional Mud Wrestling of India and Pakistan

A disappearing sport survives in a handful of mud-caked South Asian gyms specializing in a unique style of wrestling. See more »

10 20th-Century Staples We Never Thought Would Die

Don't ever assume something will last forever. A lot of folks once thought these 10 things would never become obsolete. See more »

What It's Like to Stay Silent for 10 Days

Silent meditation retreats abound. What’s it really like to keep quiet for so long? See more »

Is It a Nice Day for a Ghost Wedding?

For centuries, ghosts have wed in China. Why did the practice start, and how is it possible that it's still around today? See more »

Selling Diamonds to People Who Aren’t Getting Married

The diamond industry wants to convince millennials that diamonds are a marker of every 'real' relationship. And they have a new ad campaign to go along with it. See more »

Free Car or Free Waffle? The Millionth Customer Crapshoot

Some companies go all out for their millionth customer. Others think a plaque will do. See more »

No Pants? Let's Ride

Forgot your pants? Not a problem this past Sunday for the thousands of people who participated in the 15th annual No Pants Subway Ride. See more »

Not All of Your $2 Powerball Ticket Goes Toward the Jackpot

As Powerball fever sets in, ticket sales increase dramatically. Here's the breakdown of sales versus winnings. See more »

Where did Krampus come from?

Just who is this devilish holiday beast, and where does he come from? Explore the origins and ascent of Krampus the Christmas demon. See more »