Cultural Traditions

Cultural traditions include events, rituals and customs that a society shares. Read about the wide variety of cultural traditions in these articles.

10 Food-based Traditions from the American South

Culinary gems like boiled peanuts, cheese grits and sweet tea rose out of the American South. What other greats can the South claim?

How Motivational Speakers Work

Motivational speakers like Tony Robbins charge exorbitant sums for fans to hear them speak. What draws people to them and how do they keep the attention of thousands?

How Has Interracial Marriage Been Treated Around the World?

While anti-miscegenation laws weren't unique to the United States, they also weren't common.

Kushti: The Traditional Mud Wrestling of India and Pakistan

A disappearing sport survives in a handful of mud-caked South Asian gyms specializing in a unique style of wrestling.

10 20th-Century Staples We Never Thought Would Die

Don't ever assume something will last forever. A lot of folks once thought these 10 things would never become obsolete.

What It's Like to Stay Silent for 10 Days

Silent meditation retreats abound. What’s it really like to keep quiet for so long?

Is It a Nice Day for a Ghost Wedding?

For centuries, ghosts have wed in China. Why did the practice start, and how is it possible that it's still around today?

Selling Diamonds to People Who Aren’t Getting Married

The diamond industry wants to convince millennials that diamonds are a marker of every 'real' relationship. And they have a new ad campaign to go along with it.

Free Car or Free Waffle? The Millionth Customer Crapshoot

Some companies go all out for their millionth customer. Others think a plaque will do.

No Pants? Let's Ride

Forgot your pants? Not a problem this past Sunday for the thousands of people who participated in the 15th annual No Pants Subway Ride.

Not All of Your $2 Powerball Ticket Goes Toward the Jackpot

As Powerball fever sets in, ticket sales increase dramatically. Here's the breakdown of sales versus winnings.