Location, Location
10 Tattoo Virgin Tips

Location of the tattoo is almost as important as the tattoo itself.


Where you get your tattoo is just as important as the design, especially depending on your lifestyle. So when planning the location, you need to consider your wardrobe, and then decide when you want your tattoo to be exposed. Generally, it's considered taboo to get work done on the hands and face, so as a tattoo virgin, go ahead and take that off your list. If you work a corporate job that prohibits tattoos, it's probably wise to skip forearms, ankles and necks. Tattoos on certain parts of your body will get more wear and tear, so they need to be touched up more frequently to keep them looking good, which means mo' money. And if you don't have a very high pain threshold, choose a meaty part of your flesh because tattoos on the bone hurt like the dickens.