Mark Wahlberg's Initials
Mark Wahlberg and son

We couldn't find a picture of Mark's tattoo. We think he's covering up for the sake of his adorable, impressionable son.

Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

The actor formerly known as Marky Mark has his initials in super-sized script on his shoulder, connected by just a single word: "Wahlberg."

You could make the argument that Steve-O's bigger-than-life self-portrait is more questionable than Wahlberg's "Wahlberg" tat, but we'd have to disagree. Steve-O's oversized ink was meant to be a joke (however misguided that permanent decision was), whereas Wahlberg actually thought that inking his name into his arm was cool. The Oscar-nominated actor is apparently removing several of his tats, and we think the monogram should be first on the list.