Amy Winehouse's Property-of Tattoo
Amy Winehouse

No, no, no. She won't go, go, go to a tattoo removal specialist.

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

The late Amy Winehouse had multiple tats of questionable taste, but the "Blake's" ink over her heart (and breast) was, well, kind of tasteless.

There's nothing wrong with proclaiming your love for your spouse with permanent body ink, but the flap-pocket shirt, which appears underneath the text, turns the name into a possessive nametag. Yes, we get that he owned her heart, but the text doesn't make any sense when placed in conjunction with the pocket. Was it supposed to look like she was borrowing Blake's shirt? Did Blake own the shirt, the pocket, the heart and the breast? Did anyone but Winehouse's ex-husband and her décolleté wear those 1950s-styled flap-pocket shirts this century? We don't know.