Ashlee Simpson's Permanent Wrist Corsage
Did You Know?

The word "corsage" originated in the late 15th century and stems from the Middle English word "cors," from the Latin "corpus," for corpse. Think of that next time you slip a posy of roses around your wrist!

We can see why Ashlee Simpson thought it'd be cool to get a life-size corsage on her wrist. It's like prom everyday! Which sounds like a good idea -- if you're 16 and most of the pop songs on the radio feel like they're written just for you (or, we suppose, you write songs for 16-year-olds). In either case, prom for life probably sounds great. But just give it a few years.

It's fine to reminisce about adolescence, but if you're honest with yourself, being a teenager wasn't so grand, and the truth is, prom is all hype. The limo ride and the after-party are typically better than the dancing, and there's nothing much to do besides scope out the dresses. Simpson's corsage is like tattooing a diaper around your waist. We've all been there, but it doesn't mean we want to go back.