Body Art

Sometimes, the best accessory is one you wear on your own skin. If you've ever been inspired by a design featured on "L.A. Ink", we’ve got all the details you need to make the ink your own. Get a peek at the ink celebs are sporting.

History of Tattooing

The oldest examples of tattooing yet found were discovered on a corpse dating back to 3300 BC. Learn about this and more in this history of tattooing.

The History of Makeup Is Surprisingly Elitist

From nail polish to lipstick, cosmetics have long been markers of social standing.

Could Your Tattoos Camouflage Skin Cancer?

Having tattoos might make it harder to spot cancerous moles. So what's a tat-lover to do?

Swiss Startup Wants to Tattoo You With Ink Made from a Loved One's Hair

Biogenetic ink could be a way to honor living family or remember the deceased without using ashes and remains. Switzerland's Skin46 looks to launch in 2016.

5 Bizarre Good Luck Charms

Lots of us like to put a little faith in lucky charms. But while they're often taken for granted, many lucky charms are downright strange when you think about they really are.

Can a full coat of body paint kill you?

Body painting, popular with models, artists and cosplayers, is a visually striking medium. But are there hidden dangers? Can head-to-toe body paint actually kill you? Read this to find out if death by paint is real.

Can you get a glow-in-the-dark tattoo?

Tattoos are pretty conspicuous, and most are meant to be. But what if we told you the seemingly clean-cut person next to you has an arm covered with ink, and you just can't see it? Welcome to the world of glow-in-the-dark tattoos.

Do tattoos have a smell?

It's not difficult to see a tattoo – it's often visible, right there on someone's body. But is it possible to recognize a tattoo by its smell?

Do tongue tattoos affect your sense of taste?

We've all teased someone by sticking out our tongue. But imagine your friend's shock when your taster sports a tattoo with a smiley face. Is there a trade-off for this unusual tattoo? Find out if your food still tastes the same with an inked tongue.

How Transdermal Implants Work

You've heard of tattoos and tongue rings, maybe even split tongues. Transdermals, however, take body modification to a whole new level.

How Tongue Splitting Works

Two tongues are better than one -- at least, that's what some body modification enthusiasts might say. How (and why) do some folks halve this all important part of their body?