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If the prospect of watching Investigation Discovery quickens your heartbeat, you're going to want to catch this playlist featuring clips from "Deadly Women," "Dark Minds" and more.

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Criminal Pursuit: The Mind Of Serial Killers

Most people that commit murder only murder once. However, there are some individuals who are motivated to kill. Get a closer look into the mind of a serial killer.

Most people that commit murder only murder once. However, there are some individuals who are motivated to kill. Get a closer look into the mind of a serial killer.

Criminal Pursuit: The Mind Of Serial Killers

From 1971-73, three little girls from Rochester, NY were kidnapped, violated, and murdered.  It will take "13" to uncover how an individual could murder young children so viciously.

Dark Minds: Deadly Psychopath Collects Victims

Between 1996-1998, five senior citizens from Columbus, MS were brutally killed in their homes.  Fear of being targeted next prompts the elderly to purchase guns to defend themselves.

Dark Minds: Elderly Murdered for Money

Since 2003, five woman have been abducted from Worcester, MA; their bodies found in wooded areas out of town.  The families of the victim's believe that they know the identity of The Woodsman

Dark Minds: Is He a Serial Killer?

For 10 years a killer haunted the Vemont-New Hampshire borders, brutally stabbing seven women.  One victim survived her attack and must now come face-to-face with the son of her potential attacker.  Was his father a serial killer?

Dark Minds: My Father, The Serial Killer

In the late 1970's, four children were abducted and murdered from the Detroit suburbs, an their bodies left by the roadside. However, no one was prepared to discover what the killer did to the children following their deaths.

Dark Minds: Serial Killer Poses Children's Bodies

In November 2006, four street girls were found murdered in a ditch just outside of Atlantic City. In order to understand The Eastbound Strangler, the team will need to call "13" to get inside the mind of a serial killer.

Dark Minds: Why Strangulation?

Things seemed to be going well for this loving family until Susan Polk, the doting housewife, suffers a mental break.

Deadly Sins: Doting Housewife Snaps

Christian Longo was a busy man with an insatiable appetite for money. When the money runs dry and bankruptcy looms, he decides to take drastic measures.

Deadly Sins: Green-Eyed Monster

When lesbian lovers, Skye and Tina, set their sights on money, they are willing to do whatever it takes in order to get it - including murder.

Deadly Sins: Lesbian Lovers Murder Parents

Carolyn Warmus has a thing for married men, and will do anything to make sure she keeps them, even if it means stalking and killing their spouses.

Deadly Women: A Cheater's Nightmare

Wealthy men beware.  Bed-hopping Sharon believes herself to be the "Belle of the Ball" and is willing to kill for any man's riches.

Deadly Women: An Oversexed Lover

To many Caroline appeared to be a sweet little old lady. Little did they know that she was leaving them poisoned and gained excitement from watching them die.

Deadly Women: Bad Granny

Two best friends, Pauline and Juliet, lose touch with reality. When faced with the possibility of being separted, they murder Pauline's mother.

Deadly Women: Best Friends Forever

Breaking the norms of child killers, ten year old Mary Bell murdered two young boys in Newcastle, England.

Deadly Women: Breaking the Norms

They were elderly and willing to care for her, but that didn't prevent Tiffany Cole from choosing to bury them alive.

Deadly Women: Buried Alive

In April 2006 12-year-old Jasmine Richardson and her 23-year-old boyfriend violently murder her parents and eight-year-old brother in the name of love.  Jasmine became the youngest person convicted of multiple murders in Canadian history.

Deadly Women: Canadian Goth Parent Killer

Sarah was a "Daddy's Girl" who would do anything to continue seeing her dropout boyfriend, even if it meant killing Daddy.

Deadly Women: Daddy's Girl

Some women will do anything to win their man, even if it means killing and butchering the bodies of the competition.

Deadly Women: Deadly Catfight

With a small child in tow, Dana Sue Gray entered a violent killing spree as she dealt with her anger.

Deadly Women: Dealing with Mommy Issues

When Jerry Cassady met Sharee Miller online, he thought that he had finally found the perfect woman.  He would later discover that Sharee found him to be the perfect man to kill her husband.

Deadly Women:

After living in ten years of hell with her controlling preacher husband, one day Mary decides to get her husband's attention by using a shotgun.

Deadly Women: Failed Shot

For Celeste, shopping was like heroine, so when her millionaire husband threatened to cut her money she had him killed.

Deadly Women: For the Love of Money

Banned from seeing her lesbian lover, 15-year-old Holly Harvey went over the edge- violently murdering her grandparents so she could be with her girlfriend "forever".

Deadly Women: Grandparent Killers

Enlisting the help of children, Gertrude Baniszweski masterminded and facilitated the prolonged torture and mutilation of a teenage girl in her home.

Deadly Women: House of Evil Torturer

On the outside they appeared normal, so when police raided the home of Rosemary & Fred West in February 1994 they were shocked to find evidence of 12 murders and 20 years of killing and sadism.

Deadly Women: House of Horrors

Black Widow, Betty Lou Beets married five times and had the bodies to prove it.  In February 2000 she gained more attention by becoming the second woman to be executed in Texas since the Civil War.

Deadly Women: Husbands in the Garden

Married to a man she despised, Rebecca had a plan to murder her husband for half his money.  This is gold-digging at its finest.

Deadly Women: Marrying Evil

The internet has more information than you can imagine, and for these teenage sisters it helped to plan their mother's murder.

Deadly Women: Mommy's Little Girls

What mom says goes and if your mother is Barbara Opel you will learn how to commit murder.

Deadly Women: Mother Knows Best

After her 26-year marriage ended, Tullie Gburek appeared to become an overnight serial killer and soon became the deadliest woman in Chicago history.

Deadly Women: Murder of Convenience

People don't usually seek out membership in gangs, and even fewer mothers do. But Shonda Dee Walter sought the gang life in the worst way, and she was willing to kill for it.

Deadly Women: Murder Over Family

Sharon Kinne is a sociopath who murders with no remorse, so when she started her killing spree she decided to begin with her husband.

Deadly Women: Murder with No Remorse

Christa Pike was a high school dropout who led a troubled life.  But in 1995, she became a murderer and the youngest person in the modern era to be sentenced to death.

Deadly Women: Occult Revenge Torturer

Fifteen year-old Paula Cooper took peer pressure to the ultimate level when she led a gang of girls to murder.

Deadly Women: Peer Pressure

After faking her pregnancy to please her boyfriend, Lisa Montgomery shocked the world when she stole a baby and passed it off as her own, by cutting the infant from its mother's womb.

Deadly Women: Pregnant Baby Snatcher

When facing adversity, she had an answer to the problem: murder. Using arsenic as her weapon of choice, Lydia Sherman became known as "Queen Poisoner", one of the worst serial killers of the 19th century.

Deadly Women: Queen Poisoner

In an effort to "save" her children, Andrea Yates ran a bath for her five children and drowned them one by one, committing one of the worst mass killings by a mother on record.

Deadly Women: Saved by Drowning

In 1890's Australia single mothers sometimes left their newborn babies with "Baby minders" until they could return to the family.  For 12 newborn babies, they would become victims to Sarah Makin one of the worst "Baby farmers" Sydney had seen.

Deadly Women: The Baby Farmer

This cougar uses her feminine wiles to get the attention of young men, breaks them down and leaves their remains.

Deadly Women: The Devil's Gift to Men

Kate Bender and her family learned that the best way to bond was to kill passing travelers together.

Deadly Women: The Family that Kills Together

Nurse Jane Toppan poisoned over 30 people with morphine and cradled them as they died.  Aroused by the kill, Jane was America's worst female serial killer.

Deadly Women: The Insane Boston Poisoner

Susan Smith claimed to have been carjacked while driving with her two young children.  A week later police discovered that Susan had drowned them in a lake so she could be with a wealthy local man.

Deadly Women: The Kids in the Lake

For a man who felt that size didn't matter, Raymond Fernandez was the perfect match for 200 pound Martha Beck.  As they murdered as many as 17 women, Martha could only look to Raymond in love

Deadly Women: The Lonely Hearts Killers

They were naive, free-spirited young women who fell under the spell of one of America's most dangerous criminals, Charles Manson.

Deadly Women: The Manson Women

What do you do when you discover your son's girlfriend is envious and a master manipulator?  Chelsea never gave her boyfriend's parents the chance to figure that out.

Deadly Women: The Master Manipulator

The Moors are a stretch of lonely highlands near Manchester in Northern England.  For Myra Hindley and Ian Brady, the Moors are a dumping ground for the bodies of their young victims.

Deadly Women: The Moors Murders

Refusing to divorce, Kim Hricko decided to poison and burn her husband in order to end their marriage.

Deadly Women: Unhappily Ever After

Sex offender and escapee, Steven Whitsett, explains how he, and co-conspirator Clifford Burkhart, meticulously planned his escape from The Martin Treatment Center in Indiantown, FL in 2000.

I Escaped: The Big Plan

Sgt. Kevin Gannon from the Martin County Sheriff's Office, K9 Unit, explains how dogs were used to track down suspects like sex offender and escapee, Steven Whitsett and his co-conspirator Clifford Burkhart.

I Escaped: Using the Dogs

In this Investigation Discovery video, get up close and personal with Cindy Hendy, the woman who worked alongside David Parker Ray in his coveted "Toy Box."

Most Evil: Cindy Hendy

In this Investigation Discovery video, profiler Pat Brown travels to Florida to meet with torture killer Jessica Schwartz, a woman convicted of murdering her young stepson.

Most Evil: Jessica Schwartz

In this Investigation Discovery segment, two pedophiles share their stories. They are working to control their urges with the help of Dr. Paul Federoff.

Most Evil: Pedophile Confessions

For years scientists have been working to uncover the secrets that lie behind serial murders. Discover what they've learned in this Investigation Discovery video.

Most Evil: Secrets of Murder

Alexis is frightened to leave her controlling and abusive husband. However, if she stays she knows that she will eventually be unable to survive another attack.

Stalked: Fighting to Survive

Ever wonder how stalkers are created? Dr. Michelle gives deeper insight about how an individual's environment can make them more susceptible to becoming a stalker.

Stalked: How Stalkers Are Made?

Amanda is shocked when she awakens in the middle of the night to find her stalker standing over her with a knife.

Stalked: Waking to My Stalker

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