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Draft Evasion

Draft Evasion, the avoidance of induction into compulsory military service. Legal as well as illegal means have been used to avoid the draft.

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  • How Diamond Thieves Work

    How Diamond Thieves Work

    Diamond thieves can be clever criminals who orchestrate multimillion-dollar heists or small-time jewelers who switch the real thing for fakes. What makes stealing a diamond so attractive? See more »

  • How do you keep a safe house safe?

    How do you keep a safe house safe?

    Maybe you're an escaped criminal or an undercover spy. You're someone who needs to stay under the radar. What you need is a safe house. See more »

  • How Firearm Background Checks Work

    How Firearm Background Checks Work

    The Brady bill of 1993 established mandatory background checks for firearms purchases. But that only applies to Federal Firearms Licensees, not to private sellers. What's involved in a background check – and would expanding them lessen gun crime? See more »

  • How Human Trafficking Works

    How Human Trafficking Works

    If Abraham Lincoln ended slavery in the United States, why is so much money still being made to sell others into bondage? Here, we'll examine how human trafficking works. See more »

  • How Lethal Injection Works

    How Lethal Injection Works

    Since 1982, more than 1,000 U.S. prisoners have been executed by lethal injection, according to Amnesty International. What happens during those last hours? See more »

  • How Manhunts Work

    How Manhunts Work

    The hunt for the brothers Tsarnaev may have been the most intense one that Boston has seen in a long time, but law enforcement agencies have been practicing the art of getting their man (or woman) for centuries. See more »

  • How Narco Tanks Work

    How Narco Tanks Work

    Drugs are serious business, especially in Mexico. In fact, Mexican cartels have gone to great lengths to protect their turf, building Mad Max-style armored vehicles. What's the deal with these so-called narco tanks? See more »

  • How Pirates Work

    How Pirates Work

    Aye, matey! Hold on to your peg leg as we look at how pirates work, whether they're robbing and plundering in the 17th century or the 21st. We'll look at past and present definitions of piracy and the laws that deal with modern pirates. See more »

  • How Police Sketches Work

    How Police Sketches Work

    Police sketches may be a routine part of law enforcement investigations, but they've been key to solving some extraordinary cases. How do forensic artists create these renderings, and how reliable are they, really? Find out in How Police Sketches Work. See more »

  • How Prison Telecommunications Work

    How Prison Telecommunications Work

    Prisons spy on inmates' telephone conversations to make sure the crooks aren't trafficking drugs or organizing gang riots from behind bars. But does this monitoring infringe on their rights? See more »

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