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Mafia, an Italian secret criminal society. The Mafia is active in the western provinces of Sicily.

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  • Fact or Fiction: Serial Killers

    Fact or Fiction: Serial Killers

    Serial killers aren't always creepy loners who live with their mothers -- sometimes they're seemingly average churchgoers with wives and kids. How much do you know about the history of serial killers -- and would you know if one were living next door? See more »

  • How Al-Qaida 3.0 Works

    How Al-Qaida 3.0 Works

    The terror network responsible for 9/11 has been around for decades, but it underwent a rapid transition after the death of its original leader, Osama bin Laden. What does the third act look like for al-Qaida? See more »

  • How Alcatraz Worked

    How Alcatraz Worked

    The most high-tech prison of its day, built on an island of rock and fortified by concrete and steel, Alcatraz was created to house the worst of the worst. See more »

  • How are terrorists tracked, and what does it cost?

    How are terrorists tracked, and what does it cost?

    Terrorists work very hard to remain undetected. After all, if we knew where they were, we could stop them from attacking. But they usually work in small groups, or even alone. How do law enforcement officials track them down? See more »

  • How Bioterrorism Works

    How Bioterrorism Works

    When an anthrax attack just after Sept. 11 killed five people and infected 18 more, U.S. residents were sent into a bioterrorism panic. Bioterrorism has actually been around for many centuries, but we keep finding new ways to combat it. See more »

  • How could someone steal a painting from a museum?

    How could someone steal a painting from a museum?

    With modern security, how can thieves walk out of a museum with millions of dollars worth of art? It usually just takes force and a little bravado. See more »

  • How Criminal Recycling Works

    How Criminal Recycling Works

    There's a growing band of lawbreakers in town tarnishing recycling's squeaky green reputation. Who are these criminals, and why are they desperate for copper? See more »

  • How Diamond Thieves Work

    How Diamond Thieves Work

    Diamond thieves can be clever criminals who orchestrate multimillion-dollar heists or small-time jewelers who switch the real thing for fakes. What makes stealing a diamond so attractive? See more »

  • How do you keep a safe house safe?

    How do you keep a safe house safe?

    Maybe you're an escaped criminal or an undercover spy. You're someone who needs to stay under the radar. What you need is a safe house. See more »

  • How Firearm Background Checks Work

    How Firearm Background Checks Work

    The Brady bill of 1993 established mandatory background checks for firearms purchases. But that only applies to Federal Firearms Licensees, not to private sellers. What's involved in a background check – and would expanding them lessen gun crime? See more »

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