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Is That Legal?

Do you follow the straight and narrow, or are you known for breaking all the rules? However you choose to live your life, it still pays to know the law. Of course, this quickly gets complicated since where you live has its own unique set of laws.

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  • Political Prisoner

    Political Prisoner

    Political Prisoner, a person imprisoned or detained for political, rather than criminal, activity. See more »

  • Pornography


    Pornography, written material or pictures intended solely to cause sexual arousal. See more »

  • Prison


    Prison, a public institution where criminals and other offenders are held in confinement as a form of punishment. See more »

  • Prostitution


    Prostitution, the providing of sexual services for payment in money or goods. See more »

  • Rape (crime)

    Rape (crime)

    Rape, in law, the crime committed by an individual who forces another person to have sexual relations against that person's will. See more »

  • Reformatory


    Reformatory, a common term for an institution that works to reform as well as to confine persons who have been convicted of a crime. See more »

  • Reprieve


    Reprieve, in law, temporary suspension of execution of the sentence of a criminal. See more »

  • Robbery


    Robbery, the stealing of property being worn or carried by the victim or in the presence of the person who is in legal possession of the property. See more »

  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)

    Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)

    Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), the federal police force of Canada. The Mounties, as its members are called, enforce federal laws throughout Canada and provincial laws in all provinces except Ontario and Quebec. See more »

  • Sabotage


    Sabotage, willful obstruction, damage, or destruction carried out to further some economic, military, political, or personal objective. See more »

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