Are exorcisms real? Can scientists manufacture earthquakes? Was it really a "magic bullet" that killed JFK? Find out the truth behind these conspiracy theories and more.
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Stories of alien abductions are found across the world. Yet according to mainstream science, there's no evidence to prove these outlandish claims. Tune in to learn more about the controversy surrounding stories of alien abductions.
Alien Abductions: The Great Conundrum
Stories of alien abductions are found across the world. Yet according to mainstream science, there's no evidence to prove these outlandish claims. Tune in to learn more about the controversy surrounding stories of alien abductions.
Are exorcisms real?
Human beings have believed in possession -- and exorcism -- for thousands of years. Nowadays most people associate exorcisms with horror movies, but are there any real exorcisms in the modern age? Tune in and learn more about exorcisms in this podcast.
Are there living dinosaurs?
According to mainstream science, dinosaur populations were wiped out eons ago. Or were they? Discover why some cryptozoologists and theorists believe that dinosaurs still exist today in this episode of Stuff They Don't Want You to Know.
Beneath the Surface of the Denver Airport
The Denver International Airport opened in 1995. But some people say it's no ordinary airport, and they believe something lurks beneath the tarmac. Learn more about the conspiracy theories surrounding Denver's airport in this podcast.
Best Evidence: Foul Play in TWA Flight 800
Was foul play to blame for the crash of TWA flight 800? After an extensive investigation, an FBI investigator offers his viewpoint on Discovery Channel's "Best Evidence."
Best Evidence: TWA Missile Theory
Did the US Government attempt to conceal the real cause of the TWA Flight 800 explosion? Discovery Channel's "Best Evidence," presents alternative theories such as a possible missile strike that challenge the official report.
Can humans alter probability through thought alone?
Scientists at the PEAR laboratories noticed something odd during their work with coincidence: Some humans seemed to influence random numbers with nothing but their thoughts. Could this be pseudoscience, or a scientific breakthrough? Tune in to learn more.
Can scientists manufacture earthquakes?
Earthquakes are terrifying reminders that some of Earth's processes remain beyond human control. So why do some people think scientists can actually create these disasters? Learn more about earthquake conspiracy theories in this podcast.
Crimes of the Century: A Closer Look at JFK's Death
In this Investigation Discovery video, Vincent Bugliosi examines the legendary Zapruder film and takes a closer look at the events surrounding JFK's assassination.
Crimes of the Century: Bugliosi on JFK
In this Investigation Discovery video, famed prosecutor and author Vincent Bugliosi discusses the theories surrounding the JFK assassination.
Crimes of the Century: Bugliosi's Take on Oswald
In this Investigation Discovery clip, prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi discusses his beliefs about Lee Harvey Oswald's guilt.
Crimes of the Century: Jack Ruby
In this Investigation Discovery video, prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi talks about the man who shot and murdered Lee Harvey Oswald.
Crimes of the Century: JFK and the Magic Bullet Theory
Was it really a "magic bullet" that ultimately killed JFK? Famed Manson prosecutor and author Vincent Bugliosi takes a closer look at the magic bullet theory in this Investigation Discovery video.
Crimes of the Century: JFK Conspiracy Countdown
In this Investigation Discovery segment, famed Manson prosecutor and author Vincent Bugliosi investigates some of the top conspiracies surrounding the JFK assassination.
Crimes of the Century: JFK's Charm
One of the most famous assassinations in history, JFK's death shook the world. Vincent Bugliosi explores the man behind the myths in this Investigation Discovery video.
Crimes of the Century: Lee Harvey Oswald's Motive
In this Investigation Discovery clip, famed Manson prosecutor and author Vincent Bugliosi shares his thoughts on why Lee Harvey Oswald decided to kill President John F. Kennedy.
Crimes of the Century: Recreating Oswald's Plot
Did Lee Harvey Oswald really act alone? In this Investigation Discovery video, famed Manson prosecutor and author Vincent Bugliosi walks through Oswald's plot to murder JFK.
Crimes of the Century: The JFK Conspiracy
The questions surrounding JFK's death continue to haunt many: Did Lee Harvey Oswald act alone? Was there a magic bullet? In this Investigation Discovery clip, Vincent Bugliosi discusses pervasive myths about the president's death.
Did ancient civilizations possess advanced technology?
The Baghdad batteries and the Antikythera mechanism have puzzled many historians -- they just appear too advanced for their time. Where did they come from? Listen in and learn why some people think we've drastically underestimated ancient civilizations.
Did bankers kill Lincoln and Kennedy?
John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln are two of history's most popular and influential U.S. presidents -- unfortunately, they were both also assassinated. Yet some people believe we're missing the big picture behind these deaths.Want to know more? Tune in.
Did Nazis really practice magic?
After World War II, conspiracy theorists started making increasingly strange claims about the Nazi party: One of the strangest claims concerns magic. But why do people believe the Nazi party practiced magic -- even more importantly, is it true?
Did the CIA use drug money to fund war in Nicaragua?
Gary Webb was a journalist who alleged that the CIA allowed Nicaraguan Contras to smuggle huge amounts of cocaine into LA as a way to fund wars in their home country. His claims were criticized or ignored, and eventually he committed suicide -- or did he?
Discovery News: Forensics and the JFK Assassination
A forensics expert sheds some light on the JFK assassination and what it takes to be a forensic scientist. Watch as James Williams gets the scoop in this clip from Discovery News.
Do Freemasons control Washington?
Conspiracy theorists across the world believe that freemasons control the District of Columbia through the use of arcane symbols and geomancy. But why? Tune in and learn about the strange beliefs driving this conspiracy theory.
Does our solar system have an extra planet?
With Pluto's recent demotion from the ranks of proper planets, the slippery definition of what is or is not a planet has revived several astronomical conspiracy theories. Learn about the most bizarre conspiracies surrounding Planet X in this episode.
CIA Body Doubles - CLASSIC
Over the past decades, the CIA has been accused of everything from selling guns to assassinating people. Yet that's not the craziest part: Some people believe the CIA is actually replacing its enemies. Tune in and learn more in this episode.
Drones, Part 1: Targeted Killings
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, or UAVs, have fundamentally changed the nature of warfare. But who controls them? What are they doing, and why? Tune in to learn more Stuff They Don't Want You To Know about drones.
Drones, Part 2: Drones Go Domestic
Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have changed the nature of war. But where are they flying, and what are they doing? The answers might surprise you. Tune in to learn the Stuff They Don't Want You To Know about drones in the second part of this series.
Edward Bernays, Part 2: How to Sell a War
It is no secret that legendary PR man Edward Bernays changed the American mind about numerous products, but he did not stop there. Learn how Bernays used his skills to assist US Presidents and global corporations as they waged war on Guatemala.
Edward Bernays, Part I: Of Cigarettes and Suffragettes
Nowadays Edward Bernays, often called "the Father of Public Relations," remains a relatively obscure historical figure. His techniques are found in everything from the food we eat to the things we believe. Tune in to learn more.
Facebook, Privacy and the U.S. Government
By any measure Mark Zuckerberg's social media site is an enormous success. But who actually owns Facebook, and why do some people believe it's owned by the U.S. government? Listen in to learn more about Facebook conspiracy theories.
FEMA, the New Madrid Fault
Experts say there's a 10% chance that the US will experience a severe earthquake within the next 50 years. However, some conspiracy theorists believe a quake is due much sooner -- and that FEMA is preparing for it in secret. Why? Tune in to learn more.
Global Warming Conspiracy Theories
Global warming has historically been a controversial topic. Today mainstream scientists and politicians still debate the potential consequences of the phenomenon. But what do conspiracy theorists think about global warming? Tune in and find out.
Have oil companies suppressed technology?
As oil supplies dwindle, it seems everyone is searching for the next big energy breakthrough. Oil companies are doing the same thing -- at least, that's the mainstream view. So why don't conspiracy theorists believe them? Tune in to find out.
History: After the Kennedy Assassination
Guilt, depression, second guessing. For the U.S. Secret Service agents assigned to President John F. Kennedy, losing the President meant decades of coming to terms with that terrible tragedy. Discovery News reports.
History: Confronting Kennedy Conspiracies
The U.S. Secret Service detail assigned to President John F. Kennedy and his family discuss some of the conspiracy theories that surround the assassination. Discovery News reports.
History: Protecting the Kennedys
What was President John F. Kennedy like to work for? What did Mrs. Kennedy and her agent bond over? The U.S. Secret Service detail assigned to the Kennedys talk about the First Family. Discovery News reports.
History: That Day in Dallas
The U.S. Secret Service agents assigned to President John F. Kennedy recall moments from the day the President was assassinated on November 22, 1963. Discovery News reports.
History: What was the Lincoln Conspiracy?
When John Wilkes Booth assassinated President Abraham Lincoln in Ford's Theatre on April 14, 1865, he was a part of a larger conspiracy that aimed to decapitate the Union government. Jorge Ribas reports.
Is China colonizing Africa?
There's no denying that China has major investments in countries across Africa, but what does it mean in the long-term? Tune in to learn why some politicians and conspiracy theorists believe that China is actually colonizing Africa.
Is the Bermuda Triangle dangerous?
Decades of strange accidents and alleged disappearances have given the Bermuda triangle a terrible reputation -- but how much of this is deserved? Tune in to learn more about the paranormal theories and skepticism concerning the Bermuda Triangle.
Is the curse of the pharaohs real?
In 1922, Howard Carter discovered the tomb of King Tut. According to rumors, Carter's group was cursed for defiling the pharaoh's grave. Tune in to learn more about the pharaoh's cure -- and why some believe there may be a grain of truth to the story.
Is the government covering up the risks of fracking?
Hydraulic fracturing is a process used to enhance the output of oil wells, and an estimated 90% of natural gas in the US comes from wells using this process. The EPA claims the process is not harmful -- but not everyone agrees. Why? Tune in to learn more.
Is the U.S. preparing for a civil war?
The internet is awash with reports of government agencies stockpiling weapons and medical supplies in the face of looming domestic unrest, but is there any truth behind the rumors? Why do some people believe the U.S. is preparing for civil war?
Is the US headed toward hyperinflation?
A dollar doesn't buy what it used to, and some worry that the US is headed toward disastrous hyperinflation. And, according to some conspiracy theorists, this isn't an accident. Tune in to learn more about hyperinflation.
Is the War on Drugs part of a conspiracy?
The War on Drugs has continued for decades, yet the U.S. remains the world's largest market for illegal drugs. But, according to some, this is a war the U.S. was never meant to win. Learn more about conspiracy theories associated with the War on Drugs.
Is there evidence that ghosts eist?
People have always been preoccupied with what happens to us after we die, leading some to believe in the existence of ghosts. But is there any real, conclusive evidence that these supernatural beings exist? Tune in to find out.
Is TrapWire watching you?
The surveillance system known as TrapWire hit the news when Wikileaks released emails from Stratfor, a private intelligence firm. But what is TrapWire, exactly? Are claims about this system exaggerated -- or is it watching you now? Tune in to learn more.
JFK: Third Missed Shot
This clip from Discovery Channel's "JFK: Inside the Target Car" shows the third simulation test shot that strayed from its target.
Legends of Lost Cosmonauts - CLASSIC
Soviet astronaut Yuri Gagarin was the first human being in space -- at least, officially. Could the Soviet government have destroyed evidence of other, less successful space missions? Tune in to learn more about lost cosmonaut conspiracy theories.
Leonardo Da Vinci at TSX: Divine Proportion
Did Leonardo Da Vinci really use the Divine Proportion in his paintings? A curator of Leonardo's Workshop at the Discovery Times Square Exposition explains.
Leonardo Da Vinci at TSX: The Last Supper
Leonardo Da Vinci was ultimately a student of the natural world. The curators of Leonardo's Workshop at the Discovery Times Square Exposition explain.
Leonardo Da Vinci at TSX: Writing Left Handed
Did Leonardo Da Vinci write backwards to hide the secrets of his work? A curator of Leonardo's Workshop at the Discovery Times Square Exposition explains.
Lost Civilizations: Part I
Over the span of human history numerous empires and city-states have collapsed. Often the circumstances of their demise remain mysterious. However, recent research may have shed some light on the collapse of several civilizations. Tune in to learn more.
Misinformation vs. Disinformation
The difference between misinformation and disinformation is one of intent: Misinformation is accidental, while disinformation is purposely spread. Tune in to learn more about propaganda techniques -- and what makes a disinfo agent -- in this episode.
NASA's Unexplained Files: The Condon Report
The U.S. Air Force created the Condon Report in 1968 to address supposed UFO sightings. The report stated that "further extensive study of UFO's probably cannot be justified" and is seen by some as an attempted cover up.
Post 9/11: The Black Sites
Built to house captured terrorists, Guantanamo Bay's prison remains extremely controversial, and experts aren't sure what will happen to the detainees. And this prison is only the beginning of the story. Tune in to learn more about black sites.
Post 9/11: The Patriot Act
In the wake of September 11th intelligence agencies pressed for new, powerful laws, including the Patriot Act. But what is it, exactly, and why do some people think it has little to do with terrorism? Learn more in the first part of this post-9/11 series.
Prjoect ARTICHOKE, Part II: What is DORMOUSE?
Which was worse: Project ARTICHOKE or MKULTRA? According to some, ARTICHOKE contained secrets so sensitive that the CIA leaked information about MKULTRA to divert attention from their earlier program. Tune in to learn more about CIA conspiracy theories.
Project ARTICHOKE, Part I: The Manchurian Candidate
Could drugs and psychological torture turn an average person into an unwilling assassin? It sounds like the stuff of sci-fi -- so why do some people believe the CIA tried to do it in real life? Tune in to learn more about Project ARTICHOKE.
Quantum Physics: Teleportation and Holograms
In countless works of fiction, authors use quantum mechanics to explain things like telepathy, teleportation or the shape of the universe. Why? Tune in to learn more about quantum physics -- and why, in some cases, the truth may be stranger than fiction.
Roswell UFO
There has been much controversy around the alleged 1947 UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico. Learn more about Roswell in this video on HowStuffWorks.
Space: Top 5 UFO Video Hoax Tips
Was that a UFO sighting...or a hoax? It turns out that crafting a UFO video hoax is quite easy if you know the right tricks. James Williams gets five tips from an accomplished UFO hoax video creator.
Strange Maps -- and Stranger Theories
It's no secret that older maps were inaccurate, or completely unreliable. Yet fringe historians believe that some ancient maps are more than error-ridden antiquities. In fact, they think these maps may change history as we know it. Tune in and learn why.
The CIA (and the Mafia) Vs. Castro
For decades Fidel Castro ruled Cuba -- and the CIA continuously tried to assassinate him. Some of their plans seemed orthodox, but others were outrageous (and even involved organized crime). Tune in to learn more about CIA attempts to kill Castro.
The Death of Diana: Accident or Conspiracy?
When Princess Diana died as a result of a horrendous car crash in Paris, the United Kingdom was shaken to the core. As more details emerged, some people became convinced that Diana's death was not an accident. Why? Tune in and learn more.
The Declining Dollar and the Rise of the NAU
What if Canada, Mexico and the United States became part of something like the European Union? According to conspiracy theorists, the North American Union is already under construction and the dollar's decline is no accident. Tune in to learn more.
The Illuminati, Part 3: The (Conspiratorial) Future
While skeptics believe the Illuminati disbanded in the 18th century, conspiracy theorists think the organization still exists -- and has nearly accomplished its ancient goals. But what are these goals? Tune in and learn more about conspiracy theories.
The Illuminati, Part One: Adam Weishaupt
The Illuminati have been blamed for everything from the revolutions to climate change, but why? Watch this segment of a continuing series to learn more about the founding of the Illuminati -- and why some people believe it disbanded centuries ago.
The Illuminati, Part Two: The Conspiracies Begin
While mainstream historians agree that the Bavarian Illuminati was founded by Adam Weishaupt in the 18th century, conspiracy theorists think the group is much older. Tune in to hear some of the most bizarre theories about the Illuminati's history.
The Knights of Malta
The Sovereign Military Order of Malta is a centuries-old organization that conducts humanitarian missions around the world. So why do some people believe it isn't as innocent as it appears? Tune in to learn more conspiracy theories.
The Knights Templar
Explore facts about the Knights Templar of the Crusades.
The Other Lunar Conspiracy Theories
Most people have already heard the most popular lunar conspiracy theory -- that no one actually landed on the moon -- but what about the rest? Tune in to learn more about other moon-based conspiracy theories, including lunar structures and UFO sightings.
The Philadelphia Eperiment: Fact or Fiction?
Nowadays many people are familiar with the legend of the Philadelphia Experiment -- but how did it all begin? Tune in and learn more in this episode.
The Placebo Effect and Pharmaceutical Companies
Scientists have noticed that patients may experience improvements just from thinking they've had medicine, even if that medicine is fake. But why does the placebo effect work, and why do some researchers believe it's growing stronger? Tune in to find out.
The Search for The Loch Ness Monster
Scientists from around the world have scoured Scotland's Loch Ness in an attempt to discover the infamous Loch Ness monster (affectionately known as 'Nessie'). Tune in to learn more about the search for Nessie in this episode.
The Walking Dead, Part I: Are Zombies Real?
Nowadays, zombies are big business. But outside of the horror films and video games, is there any truth to the zombie legends? Tune in to find out.
The Walking Dead, Part II: Resurrection
Some experts believe that Haitian zombies are victims of tetrodotoxin poisoning -- sometimes they've been buried and revived, but they were never actually dead. So what are the odds of actually resurrecting a corpse? Tune in to learn more.
Unidentified Submarine Objects
Everyone's heard of UFOs, but what about unidentified submerged objects? This episode takes a look at the bizarre Shag Harbour event, in which a mysterious object crashed from the sky -- and allegedly escaped weeks later. Tune in to learn more about USOs.
Was Earth home to a race of giants?
Cultures across the planet have legends describing giant, human-like creatures. Usually, these stories are dismissed as folklore -- yet some people believe a race of giants did exist at some point in Earth's past. Tune in and learn more in this episode.
Was there a conspiracy to kill Dr. Martin Luther King?
When Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was murdered at a Memphis motel, the world recoiled in shock. Two months later James Earl Ray was arrested and, ultimately, convicted of the crime. So why do some people think there's a cover-up? Tune in and learn more.
Was there a real Atlantis?
For centuries rumors of Atlantis have inspired explorers around the globe. But was Atlantis ever real? Listen in to learn more about this fabled civilization and whether new research exposes any grain of truth within the legends.
Water Wars
Billions of people around the world have little or no access to clean water -- and experts believe this situation will only worsen. In fact, some analysts believe the next world war won't be over nukes or ideology -- but, instead, a war over water.
Water Wars II: Privatization
Across the globe, institutions and governments struggle to supply humanity with clean water. Sometimes these groups turn to private businesses for help. Advocates claim privatization works for the world's poor -- but critics tell a different story.
Cryptids: Chupacabra - CLASSIC
Although sightings of the Chupacabra were first reported in Puerto Rico, eyewitness reports soon began to arrive from across the Americas. But what exactly is this thing? Is it even real? Learn the craziest Chupacabra conspiracy theories in this episode.
What happened at Eilean Mor?
In December of 1900, three men at the lighthouse on Scotland's isolated Eilean Mor appeared to have vanished into thin air. But what exactly happened? Tune in to learn more.
What Happened in Point Pleasant, West Virginia?
Between 1966 and 1967, witnesses across Point Pleasant reported a rash of paranormal activity, leading up to the largest bridge collapse in US history. But what actually happened -- and what on Earth is the Mothman? Tune in and learn more in this podcast.
What happened to the hikers at Dyatlov Pass?
During the Cold War, a group of Soviet hikers disappeared in the Ural mountains. When they were finally discovered, it was clear that something had killed them -- but what, exactly? Learn more about the incident at Dyatlov's Pass in this podcast.
What happens at Bohemian Grove?
For decades rumors about Bohemian Grove have run wild through the conspiracy world -- but what actually happens at Bohemian Grove? Tune in to learn more.
What if the Cold War never ended?
Most historians agree that the fall of the Soviet Union occurred in 1991, and the KGB was dissolved in the same year. Or was it? Tune in to learn how a Soviet defector convinced high-level members of the US government that the KGB still controls Russia.
What inspired the werewolf legends?
Today werewolves are staple monsters in horror movies and Halloween costume shops, but for centuries people believed that human beings could transform into wolves. Why? Tune in and learn some of the possible causes of werewolf legends in this podcast.
What is alchemy?
Stuck halfway between the superstitions of magic and the methodology of science, alchemy was an intellectual haven for some of history's most influential thinkers, including Isaac Newton. But what exactly is it -- and why do some people believe it works?
What is the 1001 Club?
The World Wide Fund for Nature is a well-known organization, but it's also home to a smaller group called the 1001 Club. Who are they, exactly, and why do some theorists think this group is out to do more than just save public parks? Tune in to find out.
What is the Family?
The Family is a secretive evangelical group with powerful connections. It lobbies across the world for laws that reflect its values. This might be controversial to some, but it isn't illegal. So why do some believe this group is dangerous?
What is the money pit?
Located off the coast of Nova Scotia, Oak Island seems like an unremarkable place -- except, that is, for the mysterious site known as the money pit. But what is it, exactly? Who built it? Most importantly, what does it contain? Tune in to learn more.
What is the Trilateral Commission?
With around 390 members, the Trilateral Commission is a fairly small group -- so why do they get so much attention from conspiracy theorists? Tune in to learn more about the history of the Trilateral Commission.
What really happened at Jonestown?
In 1978, hundreds of Peoples Temple members committed mass suicide by swallowing poison at Jim Jones' command. But how did this happen? Why do some people believe it was part of a government plot? Learn more about Jim Jones and Leo Ryan in this podcast.
What's happening to the bees?
Recently, U.S. beekeepers have reported a disturbing increase in hive failures. Experts are still trying to learn what's driving the collapse of these hives -- but some conspiracy theorists claim the government knew about this before it hit the news.
What's in the Vatican's secret archives?
For decades before the publication of Dan Brown's novels, conspiracy theorists were convinced that the Catholic Church held numerous Earth-shaking revelations within its secret archives. But what's really in there? Tune in to learn more.
What's the big deal with Wikileaks?
Wikileaks allows whistleblowers across the planet to anonymously submit reports of crime by businesses, individuals and governments. Tune in and learn why some people, including the U.S. government, want the site shut down.
What's the deal with crystal skulls?
When Anne Mitchell-Hedges found a crystal skull at a Belizean excavation site, rumors spread like wildfire. People claimed that the skulls possessed supernatural powers. Science has debunked these claims, but they still persist. Why? Tune in to find out.
What's the deal with debt ceiling theories?
The US government recently raised the debt ceiling in a political conflict between the President and members of Congress. This isn't the first time this has happened, and some conspiracy theorists believe there's more to the story. But what, exactly?
What's the deal with DMT?
When users take DMT they experience vivid hallucinations. Some users even believe they have communicated with nonhuman creatures while on DMT -- but why? Tune in to find out why they believe this -- and why some scientists are listening.
Whistleblowers: Part 1
Whistleblowers are a controversial -- and, some would argue, crucial -- part of the modern world. Watch the first installment of this three-part series to learn more about the history and future of whistleblowing.
Whistleblowers: Part 2
The second episode of this series covers some historical cases of whistleblowing in the US and abroad, examining what happens to the people who leak the secrets of businesses or governments to the public. Tune in to learn more about whistleblowers.
Whistleblowers: Part 3
In the digital age, it's become incredibly difficult to keep secrets. But what does this mean for the future? Tune in to learn more about whistleblowing -- and why some conspiracy theorists think the current controversies aren't exactly what they seem.
Who are the men in black?
Forget Will Smith: The real men in black are much more sinister -- at least, that is, if they exist at all. But what exactly are the men in black? Listen in to learn more about the conspiracy theories concerning these mysterious individuals.
Who are the Nommo?
The Dogon people are renowned for their artistic traditions -- and their spiritual traditions are no less fascinating. But why did a French anthropologist believe they may have had contact with extraterrestrials? Tune in to learn more about the Nommo.
Who killed Robert Kennedy?
Originally found guilty of Robert Kennedy's murder, Sirhan Sirhan has spent years in prison, but some people believe he was a scapegoat. Listen in to learn why some of RFK's friends believe there's more to the story behind his assassination.
Who's making all those crop circles?
Cereologists don't all agree on how crop circles form, but there are some wild theories out there, including freak weather and UFOs. Also, hoaxers confessed to making hundreds of circles. Tune in to learn more about the theories surrounding crop circles.
Why are some people afraid of food regulations?
The FDA is meant to protect consumers, but some conspiracy theorists believe it was built to control the food supply. In fact, they claim UN accords take this plan one step further. Why? Tune in to learn more about food supply conspiracies.
Why aren't there more electric cars?
If electric cars have been around since the 19th century, then why haven't they become more widespread? Skeptics say the technology isn't viable yet, but conspiracy theorists think there's more to the story. Tune in and learn more in this podcast.
Cryptids: Sasquatch - Where Is Bigfoot?
Everyone has heard stories about sasquatch sightings, and tales of wild ape-men date back into prehistory. So why haven't we caught one yet? Learn more about bigfoot in this episode.
Why do people think the world will end in 2012?
Thousands of people across the globe believe the world will end in 2012 -- but why? Tune in and learn more about the beliefs of 2012ers, from interpretations of the ancient Mayan calendar to concerns over irregular sunspot cycles and solar storms.
Why do so many farmers have a problem with GM food?
To some, genetically-modified food is the wave of the future -- and also the only way to feed the world's population. To others, it's a bad idea pushed by profit-hungry conglomerates, or something even stranger. Tune in and learn more in this podcast.
Why do some people still believe Earth is flat?
Thousands of people across the planet believe that the world is flat. Why? Their 'evidence,' while not convincing, is certainly bizarre. Tune in and learn more about one of the craziest conspiracy theories on Earth in this episode.
Why do some people think Nazis built UFOs?
Everyone's familiar with the idea of UFOs, those mysterious airborne objects often linked with extraterrestrials -- but what if there weren't any aliens involved? Tune in and learn why some people believe Nazis may be responsible for modern UFO sightings.
Why does the United States fluoridate water?
Communities across the US add fluoride to the water supply. Mainstream experts believe it prevents tooth decay, but conspiracy theorists think there's something sinister afoot. Tune in to learn the craziest fluoride conspiracies in this episode.
Why hasn't the spread of nuclear weapons stopped?
On July 16th, 1945 the first atomic bomb test ushered in a new era of warfare, with weapons capable of killing millions. But how many countries own nukes today, and how did they get them? The answers may surprise you. Tune in to learn more.
Why is aspartame such a controversial additive?
Aspartame is sweeter than sugar and packs less of a caloric punch. Sounds cool, right? So why has aspartame become one of the most controversial food additives in history? Tune in to learn more about aspartame conspiracy theories.
Will the real Shakespeare please stand up?
William Shakespeare is one of the most well-known, influential writers in the English language -- at least, that is, if he actually wrote it. Tune in to learn more about the controversial debate surrounding William Shakespeare's identity.
Would world governments fake the end of the world?
For decades conspiracy theorists have accused the government of hiding evidence of aliens or imminent world disasters, but could the governments of the world actually be planning to fake an apocalypse? Tune in to learn more about Project Blue Beam.