Ways You Can Help Your Child Succeed in First Grade
Helping your child prep academically can help make first grade as fun as it should be.

Helping your child prep academically can make first grade as fun as it should be.

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The jump from kindergarten to first grade is a big one. Last year, your child was probably engaged primarily in play-based learning, with assessment being pretty loose and subjective. This year, learning will be far more formal, and your child may even receive letter grades.

Children, like adults, are more comfortable with what they know, and first grade can be a little jarring for some. The sudden introduction of unfamiliar skills, demands and responsibilities can shake the academic confidence they developed in kindergarten.

But don't worry, you can help. Here, a few of the ways you can bolster your child's education, both academic and emotional, to help make the experience a successful (and fun!) one. It's easy enough to be your child's out-of-school teacher -- you've been doing it for years. Now, with a bit of first-grade focus, your own "lesson plans" can give your child a real leg up in this new world.

First, you'll want to get your timing right ...