Incredible Things You'll Learn in Second Grade

This year, you'll likely see huge leaps in your child's reading and writing skills.

Daniel Laflor/the Agency Collection/Getty Images

So, your 7 year old, give or take a year, is headed into grade two. Skills like basic reading and simple addition have been introduced and maybe mastered; the writing process has begun, spelling is perfectly creative, and peer-group projects are actually starting to produce results. What's next?

This year will be about building on all of those amazing discoveries from first grade. You'll be seeing huge leaps in reading and writing, suddenly very grown-up math homework, and a child who knows a lot more about life than you could have imagined back when walking was a miracle. Your baby will now be walking, all by him- or herself, into a whole new world of academic and social growth.

Here, five of the coolest lessons your child will learn in second grade. For the first one, you'll want to brush up on your math skills ...