Harrison Dynasty
benjamin harrison

In the 1892 presidential election, Benjamin Harrison was defeated by Grover Cleveland, the former incumbent he had beaten in the 1888 race.

Transcendental Graphics/Getty Images

Like the Frelinghuysens of New Jersey, the Harrison family got its start in American politics during the nation's infancy. The first Harrison served in Congress in 1793, and six more would go on to claim seats in a total 20 congressional sessions [source: Bó, Bó and Snyder]. The Harrisons also enjoy the rare distinction of sending not one, but two, of its bloodline to the White House. Former Virginia Governor William Henry Harrison became the ninth U.S. president in 1841, but his tenure lasted only 32 days since he died from a cold that developed into fatal pneumonia.

After working as an Indiana senator, grandson Benjamin Harrison beat out incumbent Grover Cleveland in 1888. Known as "Little Ben" for his short stature, the second Harrison presidency only lasted a single term, due in large part to a third-party challenge from Theodore Roosevelt's Progressive Party. In the race for reelection, the formerly defeated Democrat Grover Cleveland came back around and reclaimed victory in 1892 [source: Beschloss and Sidey].